Tataa Chubby is Why…


Gosh… It happened.

A young girl was found dead in her own rented room. When she was found, she was not wearing any clothes, and a cord of wire were found strangling her neck. From the investigation, it is suggested that she was an online prostitute, and has been working in the sex industry since 2010. She marketed herself (independent female escort — no agent), via twitter under the user name @tataa_chubby, and apparently was quite popular among the clients.

The murderer was one of her clients.

What a surprise.

I understand that there would not be much sympathetic reaction out there. The fact that the homicide victim was a prostitute made this crime story depicted differently in the media. Instead of sad soppy story about how hard her life was, or how beautiful and kind she was, the media posted her sexy photos — emphasising that she was dead “in the line of duty”.

The story would be so much different if the murder victim was a young university student, robbed and raped in her dorm room, or an executive woman in her own apartment. The media would put the best looking, the most modest, the incredibly angelic photos of them, or even the grieving family (just for the sake of it)– not that there is anything wrong about it. I am just saying that we are living in the culture of double standard and fake morality.


Sie war eine schöne Frau… Photo of the late Deudeuh or as known as @tataa_chubby. Image was taken from suara.com

Some of the non-sympathetic would condemn her for being a victim of her own sleaziness, her own stupidity, and even tell everyone else that this is the punishment for her sin for being a slut. Some other would say nothing more than: “what a waste. Sie war eine schöne Frau.” Some bigoted bastards would even seize the opportunity, and use this moments to claim that it is time to fight prostitution — for endangering women’s lives, and drawing men to temptations and murder.

What… The…

*inhale* *exhale* *start the anger management therapy*


Prostitution is probably the one of the oldest professions in the world that survives until today. And there is definitely a reason why it survives after thousands of years.

When we were on vacation in Turkey, the guide showed us an old… very old scribble in the stone in the ruins of Ephesus. He said it is the first known written advert for a brothel in Turkey. Yeah… how cool is that? The symbol of heart means “Love”, and the symbol of left foot means “your left”. So it basically if you want to find love, turn left…

find love in Ephesus

Since some idiots did not know how to separate religion from the state, what had been sin then became crime, and prostitution became illegal. Banning prostitution is like sweeping dust under the carpet. You could not see it, then you pretend it was not there. The government thought if they make the life of the prostitutes like hell, they would stop working in sex industry.

The reality is… they would not.

As long as there is someone who pays for sex, there will be someone who supply for the demand. That’s the law of economy, which is apparently much stronger than the law of god.

So did you remember when I said how stupid it is to close down Dolly?

Tataa Chuby is why…

There are hundreds and hundreds of horror story about men and women working in sex industry. Girls… Teenage girls got killed prostituting themselves using craiglist (the same way Tataa Chubby used twitter as her way to advertise herself to the potential clients) in areas where prostitution was illegal. While in places where it is legalised but controlled by the government, prostitution works through agencies — which provides the girls with safety, transports, and anonymity.

Girls like Tataa Chubby would have networks, shared informations about which clients should she avoid. They would meet a properly screened clientèle, in a safe environment. Their sexual health, their mental health would be in check. They would even pay tax, as they would be open that they are earning money, how and how much they earn (because they were not condemned as the parasite of the society, or the outlaw).

Now the police said he would start hunting down online prostitution on twitter as well. Oh remarkable..


Now you know that there is an online platform for prostitution, and you say publicly in the media that you will start hunting them down. Do you think the prostitutes are all idiots? Of course they would now change platform and close down their bloody twitter accounts…


I better finish this here before I rant more about this and ruin my happy morning.


Auf Wiedersehen. Bis später.


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