A Letter To My (Now Married) Sister


I can’t believe that my little sister is now married. I have to be honest I have got a mixed feelings about this. Of course I am incredibly happy and excited about it, but I can’t help feeling melancholic too. I don’t really want to say this too much, especially in front of my sister, but since I know that she doesn’t read my blog, I might as well write something to release this crappy emotion. 

here it is:

Dear My Little Sister,

I never thought that I would feel like this the first time you told me that you’re getting married. But when it was getting closer and closer to your wedding day, I felt more and more protective towards you, although I know you wouldn’t need any protection, especially from me. 

I felt like I am losing you. It’s stupid I know, because I know that you’re not going anywhere. But I do feel like that. It’s quite hypocritical, maybe, because I did not think like that when i got married. 

When Mum cried at the church, I almost cried too, but that’s because I saw you cried. But what hit me the most was when I saw our childhood photos displayed on your reception. I saw us. Us against the world. Us and our silly adventures. 

I had flashbacks…

The first one was when we were at Seruni and pretended that we were at the Haunted House at the Theme Park. We were so convinced that we were really at the haunted house so we ended up ran back to the main house to mum and dad. The next vivid flashback was the one when we were pretending to be spies at Genting Highland. We were so into our role, we did not realise that we were on CCTV. The security guys must have had a good laugh. 

Remember when dad gave us evil looks when we did Happy Dance at the Lotte Mart’s cashier while waiting for mum? Or when we went to Turkey… where you asked me about getting married to your now husband… 

I miss our adventure, and it sadden me that I feel that our days is over. It makes me feel sad because I feel we are no longer be able to go on more adventures. I felt you’re drifting away. Or even… taken away.

I want to hate your husband because he took you away. It would be much easier if he’s a bad person, but I can’t hate him either because he’s good to you. He seems kind to you, and showed his responsibility for your wellbeing. You seems the happiest when you’re around him. And I like him because he made you the happiest bride.

So, I’d like to think that you are now going on another adventure. One that you could only tell but never truly share with me. But that’s okay, because this particular adventure is not meant to be shared with anyone else than both of you. I’d like to think that you’re not being taken away, but you’re taking someone in to our family, and extend it even larger.

In the end… all I want is to see you happy.

So… congratulations 🙂 

I love you. 



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