Ich Lerne Deutsch. Problem?


About five years ago, I decided to write this blog in English, because I thought it would help me to improve my English. I found it very helpful. This blog has helped me expand my vocabulary, practice my composition skill, and also spelling.

I have been playing with the idea of start inserting Deutsch in my blog. Obviously, I am not proficient enough to write the whole blog in German. So, I have to apologise to all German speaker in the world who happen to see this blog that I am terribly sorry… Es tut mir leid, for butchering your language. It’s a part of my learning process. Please be kind

It is interesting that I started to see my own progress since two weeks ago after I use this apps called Duolingo. I am not paid to do this and this is not an apps review. I am just saying if you are thinking of learning a second language, and you have English as your basic… this is quite helpful.

For example, I now can do this without looking up translator or dictionary (either you believe it or not).

Guten Abend. Danke für das Essen. Der Fisch ist lecker, der Nudeln schmeckt so gut, und das Gemüse ist frisch.

Danke… Ich trinke Bier nicht, sondern Ich mag Wein. Bitte.

Yeah. I probably butcher that but that… for two weeks is good enough for me.

I was talking about food (Essen) obviously.

My main problem is that I don’t have anyone to practice it with. My husband is not at all interested in learning German, and nobody I know in Norwich speak or learn German. So I have to settle down with this apps until mein Deustch reicht to go to German and just wing it.

anyway… bis später


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