The Frog in The Well


Have any of you guys heard a website called Interpals?

Well, if you haven’t it is an online international pen-pal website. If you’re not familiar with it, Pen-Pal is basically the oldskool way you send letters to friends. Like you send e-mail to friends you meet online but you haven’t met. Usually, instead of sending links, you would send something else such as stickers, or small pretty stuff.

Anyway, I will talk about the website some other day. Today, I want to talk about a person I talked to in this website. One particular person, a guy from Indonesia. He seems like a good person, and his English is particularly good, compared to many Indonesian I have talked before — considering he has never lived abroad. But after a few messages exchanges I got reminded.

I was reminded why I did not want to stay in Indonesia, or why I did not get along well with most people there. I was reminded that no matter how well educated people are in Indonesia, most of the time they would be traditionally small minded. They would challenge whatever I said, and part of it is because I am demographically a minority.

He would tell me that I don’t know nothing about so and so, because I don’t live in Indonesia. I bloody lived there for almost all my effin life and I know people like him. Discussing with him has gotten tiresome because he would not open his mind to whatever that he’s not familiar with. For example: about family values.

In the UK, there are a lot of old people decide to live alone. They liked it. They enjoyed the freedom, and their little community. They’ve been given the independence, the room to keep exploring, and it makes them feel useful. He disagrees with this. Why? Because in his family it’s not the right thing to do. In his culture, the youngsters should take care the elders when the elders become the elderly.

So what? In my family that’s also what happened. My grandmother lived with my father for almost all her life. But just because that’s the only way of life we know, it doesn’t mean that it is the only way of life that is right. And anyway, my grandmother CHOSE to live with whichever child she wanted to live with, and she CHOSE not to have her own house or any other property. What if she actually wanted to have her own little house with little garden, and people like this little arrogant bastard would slag her family for giving her what she wants?

What a prick.

Oh yeah, and he said he will get married monogamously because it is what his religion says lol. A Catholic he said. I gave him a link for a documentary film about marriage in Catholic church. Catholic Church only started taking monogamous marriage seriously to get its grip on Western Europe *pops people bubbles*. And they only started in 16th century. But of course, being a prick as he is, he would dismiss facts and started to carry on cherry picking cultural heritage.

He said the reason why people are getting married is to produce children. Well actually you can make kids without getting married, and I gave him reasons why people got married. Again, he dismissed it and started cherry picking. Tell you what? Hundreds and hundreds of people got married (fraud) just to be able to enter a country. That’s one reason that is not kids related.

And what about gay marriage?

But, again… being a dickhead as he is, he dismissed it.

I don’t know if he is genuinely stupid (but he kept saying that he is one of the best programmer bla bla), or he is deliberately being a stupid little prick. But I am really tired of arguing with people who wouldn’t want to admit a fact. I genuinely hope he wouldn’t be able to find a job outside Indonesia, because it is an embarrassment for other good Indonesians abroad.

Moral of the story: Don’t waste your time explaining about the world to a frog in the well. 


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