Eating My Papaya


Okay… I will admit that it is a stupid title. But papaya is all I could think of as I just had a box full of papaya so I hope you don’t mind. And, how did I get papaya in the UK? Well, there are papayas in the UK, obviously. But no, I am not having papaya in the UK. I am in Indonesia right now. Home.

It is a sudden decision. I am quite surprised with this myself. I am not known for being impulsive. Usually my decision will have to go through a series of thought process before finally taking place. This one, it is purely emotional.

I think it started with the new year blues where I would like to have a kind of celebration, but ended up sulking at home. I told my mother a little about how I would like to be in Solo when we are celebrating Chinese New Year. The problems are: 1. Mr. Fix-It would not be able to go with us, and 2. His Birthday would only be a couple of days from this year’s CNY. So it would be a tricky matter.

My mum said: “Worry not, just plan a holiday and come home”

I think it was my dad’s idea. But dad likes using mum’s mouth to voice his idea. Oh well, every marriage has its own dynamics, doesn’t it?

So few weeks ago I planned my visit. In my plan, I would like to stay for a few days in Jakarta so that I can meet up with some old friends. It didn’t work, because of the reasons you might have known. The day when I took off from Norwich, terrorists bombed Jakarta.

What a bunch of nasty pile of slimy shits!

My dad was panic, and sent a direct order for me to get the first (Garuda and only Garuda) flight I could get. So after a long 18 hour journey, and a day rest, I flew to Solo.

There… It is where I am now eating my papaya.



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