Mid Year Assessment


Oh dear… Seems like I have been neglecting this blog again lately. Apologies.

I know that saying that life happens, and I had a terrible… terrible writer’s block is not a good excuse for not writing anything at all. Hope you don’t miss me too much 😉

Usually I make my mid year assessment — about what I have achieved for the year, and how far I have gone with the resolution — around June or at the beginning of July. But of course with my lack of discipline this year, it seems like you have to deal with me making the assessment a little bit too late. But hey! It is still summer here in the UK, so it is still officially mid year.

Let’s start…

  1. My German stuck. Not that I am not learning, but I kept forgetting the previous lessons so I decided to strengthen it first before continuing with the tree. I have completely abandoned the reverse tree, for now. But I still have another 5 months, and I am still slightly confident with my progress so far.
  2. Mr. Fix-It and I also started to learn French. It is very… incredibly slow. But I am not too ambitious about learning French for now. We are taking it really slowly.
  3. Books… well… Embarrassingly I have to admit that I only read 8 books so far. There are plenty in my bedside table, and every progress is slow. But I am getting there. I know that there are plenty to catch up.
  4. I definitely have posted more than 100 entries this year. Not only from this blog, but also from my other blogs. I still have 5 more months to add to that number. I might even double my target now that I am sure that I could write more after this.

I can’t say about NaNoWriMo — it needs to wait for November. But I have achieved other things. For example:

  1. I have lost 8 kg now since Chinese New Year in February. It was almost 9 kg but after I came back for a visit this holiday, I have gained some back. But hey… I know how to lose it, I can lose it again.
    Best thing is… I wasn’t on a diet at all. I eat what I want to eat, and I don’t exercise. Now I sound like I am advertising something lol. Nope.
  2. I started gardening. I never planned this, and I didn’t think that I am that kind of person. But now that I have a garden, I couldn’t think of me not having one. I think if we ever have to move to a new place, we wouldn’t look for a flat. I want a garden.
    It is a vegetable and flower garden by the way. Some of the vegetables has produced crops, and we ate them already.

See? This year is not too bad at all. Let’s see if in the end of the year I will end up with a finished NaNoWriMo story, and a visa in my hand.



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