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The votes are counted, and the first round of the regional election has finished today. And I am gobsmacked with the result. Although, I am not surprised… not at all.

In the kind of political climate around the world today, anything could happen. Brexit. Trump. Anything, I said.

Maybe it is a bit late for me to post about Ahok now.┬áBut I’d like to talk about it regardless…

A food for thought, mainly.

The fact that this election today has to go to the second round is an eye opener for the die hard supporters of Ahok. It is a reminder that it doesn’t matter how loud you are on the media, or social media — those opinions you are shouting, or typing, never got to those whose vote you are trying to get.

You are not reaching out to people whose opinions count.

I watch a discussion about satire on BBC yesterday. About how satire has become the “it” thing with the smart people. Satire is now highbrow, and exclusive. And that satire, which used to be the media’s weapon to reach out, now is missing the target audience. One of the panellists said something along the line: these hipsters are only talking to other hipsters… Just like you.

You are only talking to your own kind, to others who are just like you. Those who are agreeing with you. Because those who are not, are either stupid ignorant people, whose voices you dismissed. You are… honestly… just like me.

I have to admit that I am guilty for doing that too.

I once asked in a group on Facebook — this group is called ABAM, by the way. I asked them why they bothered to answer questions coming from people who were obviously only trying to troll, or just being a bigot. I told them that.. to be honest, I wouldn’t have either patience, or passion to do it. Maybe… maybe it is a good thing that I am not an educator.

These people, who are so passionate in educating people, reaching out and trying to open up minds, told me their reasons. It is not to change people’s mind, but to open it up so that they can think for themselves. It is not to make them to agree with us, but to make them see our point of view, so that maybe in the end we could agree to disagree — peacefully. It answers to inform, not answers to patronise.

I couldn’t do that.

Most of the time, when things heated up, I just left the conversation. Like that time when I talked to someone from Interpal.

But I might be in the wrong here.

Obviously what I’ve done was no different from these remain campaigners in the UK, Hillary’s supporters in the UK, and Teman Ahok volunteers in Jakarta. I am just talking to my own kind. I don’t reach out, and I don’t speak to enough people to make a difference.

I AM too living in a shell.

Back to the election now.

I think there are still time for Teman Ahok, if they want, to reach out to these swing voters. I just hope they realise this before it is too late.

Now then… I wish you the best of luck.



An Update (Again)


Just came back from my annual visit to Indonesia. As usual, to celebrate the CNY.

This time, Chinese New Year feels different for me. In so many ways.

Not only that now I am no longer receiving angpao, and instead having to give kids ones, it was also… I don’t know. Ambivalent? I don’t know, I am not even sure how to put it. What I know is that in this trip home, so many things has changed. And, I realised that I have changed a lot too, since the last CNY.


Mentally, mostly.

One little thing like… how I feel when I was surrounded by family, for example. It has changed too.

I used to like being left alone. I can blame it to my teenage angst, but now I can appreciate it more. I can appreciate being surrounded by cousins whom I haven’t met for at least five years, or nieces and nephews I haven’t never seen before. I can appreciate the attentions, as much as I could appreciate them leaving me alone in the past.

Or, the way I reacted to the problems in the family. I feel that I am no longer trying to fix stuff. It was, of course an effort not to treat my sisters and brother like children anymore. They are adults now, and the realisation has helped me to let them go, and be their own person. And they are their own persons, and I am proud of them.

It’s just…

Being the eldest in the family, there’s always this feeling of wanting to protect my sisters and brother. They probably don’t need my protection, not anymore. But it is always ingrained in me, the sisterly tough love to them. And, to be honest, this is probably the closest I could ever be to parenthood, so… IF they read this, I hope they understand if I was mummying them. (No, there’s a difference between mummying, and mummifying. Pay attention!)

Anyway. One thing doesn’t change though…


As the closing of today’s post, I will present you: THE FOOD

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