It would take me ages to finally complete the “About Me” section, because it is something that I am really not good at. I could start by explaining what “Bybyq” means, but it’s already posted about it. I believe that reading the “About Me” page wouldn’t help you to get to know me, best you read the entries and guess what kind of person I am.

However, if that makes you feel better, I could help you to provide some basic information about myself. I am now a housewife — a grumpy one, since I don’t have much choice, living in Norwich, UK. Originally, I blogged in English to help myself improve my English writing skill, which at that time was critically essential for my education.

Maintaining this blog to last for more than five years is a great achievement even for me. This blog has witnessed the changing in my life, the small and big events in my universe, and became a part of me. Everything here is personal, the issues are personal, the opinions are personal, and I took everything here personally, including the hacking attempts that happened twice in the beginning of 2012.

This blog is personal because this blog has helped me through hard times in my life million times. Blogging is one of not so many things that keeps me sane in some troubled moments in my life. This blog, Superbyq, that you’re visiting now, is a blog that saves my life.

It would be nice if you left comments after reading my entries. I know that most of them are rubbish and need no comments at all, but the mere reason why I didn’t put the chat box in my blog is that so you can put your opinion in the comment box or drop your signature on the blog’s guestbook, instead of competing with spammers who’s here just to promote their links.

I would love to know you better, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to suggest, advise, or whatever reason you have. You can leave your e-mail anywhere in this blog, and if you want it to be private you can send me an e-mail in superbyq[at]

I wish you a good time in this blog, and see you around.




Friday, July 13th 2012.