This should be the 100 things I want to do before I die. Of course the list isn’t completed yet… But there are some things I’ve already done. I want this to be my life goals and targets…

Taken from my facebook notes, I think I should post it here as well 🙂

1. Go to the UK

I always wanted to go to the UK. Maybe because there are lots of musicians I love came from this country? It was a great surprise when I knew I got accepted here at UEA. One of my lifetime wants is achieved.


2. I want to visit Manchester and Liverpool

Well… The football team might come second, but the ultimate goal to go to those two places are no other than seeing the birthplace of two of my favorite bands: The Beatles and OASIS. And I will wear my shabby OASIS T-Shirt and took a lot of picture there.


3. Nude Picture

Professional nude picture. Of course I don’t want to start a porn video! I just want to have an artistic nude photograph of me, which I would proudly hang in my… bedroom.


4. Skinhead

Inspired by Dolores O’Riordan, the coolest Irish singer ever. I am currently plucking up my courage to do this… *Shaver in my hand*


5. Being a Redhead

I always wanted to have a red head. Too bad with this black hair, it’s not so easy to dye my hair with bright red. The solution is: I have to bleach my hair first so I can get the red color I want. I haven’t got the courage to do this as well.*I am a chicken*


6. Bungee Jumping

I am such a chicken… I haven’t done this yet while I am pretty sure many of people I know already did this. I have to find a place to jump… safely.


7. Sky Diving

Well… This is not an easy task. I would probably need to save up some money and courage to do this crazy act. But anyway, I can’t wait until the day I do this… It must be awesome!


8. Random Sex

i think the title is self explanatory.


9. Publish a Book

Well… It can stretched up to e-book, or even free e-book. That’s not the point though. The point is to write something and finish it, and have a courage to publish it so everyone can read it. It needs a high narcisssitic level to be able to show something off like that.


10. Visit Italy

Seriously. I saved up my money since I was in the junior high school so I can visit Italy, but I’ve never been there. Ever. I hope I can save up enough, and got my visa so I can go there and fulfil one of my lifetime wants.


11. Travel Indonesia

Road trip would be the best but I know that Indonesia is so big! It might cost more if I took other transport but… Well, all I need is time and DETERMINATION.


12. Learn a New Language

French? Chinese? Spanish? I don’t know, but I think it is cool to be able to speak a second… uhm… third language 😀


13. Play Guitar

Not THE GUITAR HERO! The real guitar! The electric guitar, and played one of Oasis’s song! Seriously…


14. Watch a rock band concert

COLDPLAY! For my birthday! Yay!


15. Acquire my Master degree

Okay… This is still in progress. I hope next year I can bold number 15 😀


16. Acquire my PhD!!

Well, now it sounds too ambitious, but… Hey! I have a lifetime to achieve this one. Maybe not next year, but sure I would get my PhD. Don’t you think so?


17. Buy a Harley

Although I am not sure I would be able to ride on it, I still want to have one. It’s like the coolest vehicle ever.


18. Buy my own house

It’s an investment. It’s a dwelling. It’s a home!


19. Meet an international celebrity and took a picture with him/her.

It is going to make me look stupid by doing that, but who cares? Who knows I might bump into Noel Gallagher somewhere on the street and got a chance to get a cute picture with him?


20. Volunteering

I think this is not a too hard to do. The only challenge for the volunteering is the willing to do it… And I am not willing to do that now :p


21. Make my own tiramisu

Why Tiramisu? Because I like it. Simple!


22. Get a tattoo

Got two!! I can’t double bold, so just bold it!


23. Try a joint of weed

Not something that I’m proud of, but… Bold it!


24. Won a lucky draw

I never won anything before until recently. So, I think I can continue bolding everything here.


25. Buy Noel Gallagher’s union jack guitar

Damn! Why am I so ambitious? I know that writing 100 things you want to do before you die should be something spectacular but this?!


26. World Cup Live Match

For real! With all the supporters… I don’t care who I am going to support. I just want to be there and feel it!


27. Shark Cage Diving

This is so doable. I just haven’t got the chance to do it. It’s in the cage! The shark can’t eat you! Just make sure you’re not on your period or the shark would be all looking with the crazy eyes to you


28. DRIVE a ferrarri

It’s a small chance I can buy the ferrari. And my desire to buy the union jack guitar is higher than buying a car. And I have used up all my confidence for that guitar. I just want to try the car.


29. Go to a strip club

It’s not as hip as what you think it is, but… Bold it!


30. Being mute for a week.

Seriously. No talk?


31. Watch OASIS concert LIVE

Well… unless they made a reunion concert, or just get back together, I would never completed this list. My life would never be complete…


32. Learn How To Make Lasagna

Inspired by Digsy’s Dinner. But who cares? Everybody loves lasagna! Ask Garfield if you don’t trust me…


to be continued