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Burkini, Duterte’s Middle Finger, and Indonesia


The video of the Philippines’s president dropping the F-bomb to the EU has — unsurprisingly — gone viral. I have never noticed this new president until his conversation with Indonesian president — about the Philippine’s citizen who were convicted for smuggling drugs and now in death row in Indonesian’s prison — went viral too few weeks ago.

How refreshing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone what he does. However I do believe that every country has a right, and sovereignty to make their own internal law. In Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, for example, drug smuggling means capital punishment. It is beyond me that so many people couldn’t just let them be.

President Duterte called them a bunch of hypocrites. I can see why he does.

In France you are not allowed to wear burkini in the beach, because French has A LAW against it. When people around the world criticise this law, and condemn this too, one of my French friends would get very offended and tell other non-French people off for failing to understand what this religious symbols mean for the French people.

In America, you can carry guns. When some people got killed, lots of people around the world would criticise their gun laws. But a friend from America said to me once, people who are non-American don’t understand that it is their law, and their rights to carry a gun, and what those rights and law mean for the American people.

Why don’t the same rules applied to third world countries like Indonesia or the Philippines?

Indonesia was under a massive scrutiny when we were about to execute nine Australian drug smugglers. People said that the death penalty for drug smuggler is inhumane and barbaric. Now the Philippines has to endure the same thing, because the president is doing a so called “bloody war against drug” in his country.

People who are not Indonesian and not Filipino don’t understand how drug, and drug cartel has undermined the very core of the country. They deliberately introduced drugs to underages, and school children. And, these people won’t back down just by threats of prison time, unlike most criminals in first world countries like the UK, US, or some European countries.

Drug is different in first world country, and third world country. People in the UK called it recreational drug, but it is no recreation at all in Indonesia. When I showed my objection towards drugs to my ex, he felt heavily offended — as for him recreational drug is a part of… you know, youth freedom, the trial and error of life, hippy kind of thing… For me? Coming from Indonesia, it is the reflection of either rich people gone bad, or poor people trying to run away from life, by ruining it even worse.

Do I know someone who died from drugs? I do. But I am not going to speak for him or his family. I leave it at that.

I just want to tell people who complained about this drug war, and burkini. If you want to go to a beach and wearing burkini, don’t go to Nice. There are plenty other places where you can wear your unique looking – sharia approved – beachwear — try Tunisia, their tourism has been suffering after the gunman attack to British tourists few years ago. If you want to go to the beach, and at the same time wanting to be able to get high on drugs, don’t go to Bali. There are plenty other beaches where you can kill yourself slowly, without the government having to help you with the means of firing squad.



What Does it Mean to Downsize?


After working with for so many years, I found working with the free version of quite challenging. I agree that some of the features are quite helpful — the stats, the notification, etc. But those are nothing considering what I lost by “downsizing”.

Yes, I consider moving to free from as downsizing, and I don’t mind doing that for now since financially, it is just the right thing to do. And of course, just like many people who have to significantly change their lifestyle after a financial hit, I do need to readjust things:

I found that the “theme” options are not as vary as what I used to have. They are not as customisable either. So are the widgets… I used to have plenty of them, customisable and all– for my blogroll feed, etc. But now I have to settle down with the “standards”. So far it is okay, except that I might have to remove the little affiliate link that I used to have lurking around the corner.

Some widgets like the old blogroll feed I had was somewhat important to me. It helped me a lot in tracking which blog I follow is posting an update without having them sent to my e-mail. It is gone now, and I realised that some of the links I had had to be removed since they are now inactive. I don’t like that, but again, it is something that has to be done.

It is exactly like how people has to readjust after a financial hit, or retirement. They sold their big family home, and move to a small home for two. Making a more sensible purchasing decisions instead of splurging in a outrageous luxuries. I mean, I’ve been through this before, and I will be able to do this again.

But you have a job now, you ask. Yes I do have a job. But whether or not I think this is a good and rewarding job for me or not, I was warned in the beginning of the job not to post anything damning online — which could backfire legally for me. So, I will leave it like that, while looking a better rewarding job 🙂 But until then… Yes. This would be SuperByq for now.

Argh! Enough with this doom and gloom thing. I realised that I have been so productive in the beginning of this year. It is just my German that needs a bit of picking up. Remember my goal in the end of this year? Being able to speak German, and one other language — I am still considering which one. So, I will finish this entry by wishing you all the best of luck.


Applying for FLR (M)… What the hell is that?


The fiancee visa will expired in 6 month. So, if you are coming to this country with this visa, you would have to get your leave to remain permit soon before your staying permit is over. After you are married, FLR (M) is the form you would want to get. If you want to do it in person like me, you will have to download the most recent form from the Home Office website. However, because this service is very expensive, use this service only when your application is straightforward.

What is straightforward application? Well… In my experience, if you have nothing else as consideration why you might not be able to get your application approved, means your case is not quite straight forward. In my case, because I have ticked all the boxes and get all the requirements, and came in the country with fiancee visa, mine is considered as a straightforward case.

The application centre I went to is the Croydon Home office. It is located in Lunar house in Wellesley Road, it is close to a tram station, two train stations, and a bunch of hotels. So, you would have plenty of options to get to this place on time. And I strongly suggest you come on time.

The documents that you need:

1. Your correct form, fully filled with black pen. It is clearly said that you need to fill in with black pen, so trying to fill it in with red ink is not quite wise.

2. The print out of your proof of appointment booking AND the payment proof. I almost forgot to print out the booking proof and crossed the manager at Travelodge for asking him to print that out for us.

3. Passports, and other photo IDs. Two of your photographs, and one of your sponsor’s photograph, all in the correct UK passport size.

4. The supporting documents: bank statement, payment slip, tax summary etc., same with the financial requirements you need for your fiancee visa. You would have to attach your language requirement proof, police registration, and your marriage certificate. It would be better if you could produce the official letter from the working place, or the council office too.

Make sure that you have got them all in original, and ready. You would not have time or opportunity to talk to the case worker, and defend yourself for the lack of the documents or needed evidence. So their decision would be solely based on the documents you provide to them.

Get to the application centre 15-20 minutes earlier then your appointment. You would have to go through all series of security check like the one we’re having at the airport, so it would take awhile. I would suggest you to bring as little as possible except for the documents. I carried my luggage and it was a little bit of a hassle.

First of all, you would see the receptionist that would check that you are bringing the correct form, and make sure you are who you say you are on your photo ID. After you got your self checked in, you would be sent to the waiting room. You will be given a number that would identify your case for the whole process. The waiting room is quite big with a cafeteria in the middle where you could order food or drink.

You would be called, by the officer that would check and enter your data to the case worker to work on. The officer would put together your documents and form, to be sent to the case worker with the biometric data that you would provide soon after. I regret that I did not put on a full make up, but I am glad I was not looking too bad either. You would get your photo taken, this photo would be on your Biometric Residence Permit. You would get your fingerprints taken as well.

After the biometric data taking, you would be sent back to the waiting room, this time for a little bit longer. The length of the process would depend on the straight forwardness of your case. The case worker would go through all the documents that you provided, and do the cross checking again. In the waiting room you would be able to track your case because they would have your case number displayed there.

It is said that normally it would take 2-3 hours in total. But I only need one and a half hour before we are called to get our documents and result back. AND, I got my application approved.

Honestly, it was a little bit anticlimax when the officer announced my approval. He just gave me the bundle of documents, and said that congrats your application has been approved. And we just sat there without knowing what to say, and feeling a little bit in a limbo even after we walked out the building.

But yeah…

It’s done now, and we are very happy. So, if you are doing or planning on doing the same thing, I wish you luck, and I hope this would help 🙂



Oh dear…

Finally I can breathe more easily right now, as my residence permit is now approved and I can live as a UK residence for 30 months. At least for the next two years, I wouldn’t have to worry about this.


I came for my wedding on Fiancee visa. This kind of visa would only allow you the entrance and permit to get your marriage registered in this country. The UK law is no longer allow a non UK/EU residence to register their marriage in this country, so if you come here with general visitor visa, they wouldn’t accept your document and legalise your wedding here.

Getting this fiancee visa is not easy. I had to wait for at least 3 months before the visa was approved. If you are about to do the same thing, this is the kind of thing you would need to acquire to get it approved:

1. Financial Requirements
You AND/OR your partner would have to provide the evidence that once you are married you would have to be able to support yourself and your household. The UK government has set up a minimum requirement that you could find in their website. The kind of evidences that they would accept: bank statement that shows your savings, payment slip that shows your salaries, and these evidence has to be gathered 6 month prior to your application.

2. Evidence of your relationship
They want to make sure that your relationship is a legit and authentic. Being in a long distance relationship you must have a kind of correspondence that you can show them. Get them gathered as much as you can: phone statement, emails, chatting history, etc. I know that sometimes you do the sexting or talking dirty on skype. Just censor it with black marker if you wish, but I am pretty sure the case worker has seen almost everything. Include photos of you together, and you together with families to show that you have met each other in real life.

3. Other important documents
Passports (and other photo IDs you could find to prove who you really are), the prove that you both are eligible for a marriage, documents that show where you lived and where you are going to live (usually your sponsor’s house), the language requirement that is needed because surely you would have to speak English if you are about to get married in this country, don’t you?

My other suggestion is to make everything real and honest. You don’t need to fake anything that you don’t have. They would cross check and if you are found out forging an official document, not only you would get a criminal records which would make it even harder to get in to any other countries in the future, you would also denied the entrance at once.

After you get married, go to the Home Office website once more and download or fill in the latest form to get the residence permit. Mine is FLR(M), which is for a spouse of a UK residence. There are two options: first, you send it via post. When you send it via post, they would take time to process your application, and they would send you another form for Biometric Residence Permit. You would have to take the Biometric photo in the appointed places and post offices. Then some more times to get the biometric data processed and checked before you got your result. This could take weeks to months.

The second option is to get things done in person. This is called a premium service, and of course it cost you premium too. You would have to book an appointment date after you pay your application fee, and bring all the needed document to where the appointed Home Office office (sorry, I really don’t know what to call that), and wait for averagely 2-3 hours and get the result done in the same day.

I took the second one. Of course. I couldn’t take the prolonged misery, and wait for one more day for my result. It’s too overwhelming.

I got my application approved, and just yesterday I got my permit sent home, and now I could live in this country. Now I could get a job, and study, and start a business if I want to. What a life….

UK Fiancée Visa


It is stressful.

I am not sure if it is because of another PMS phase, or because of the long list of stuffs I needed to gather to get my fiancee visa that has made me feel a little bit agitated lately. Honestly, it may sounds a little bit over-dramatic when I am talking about this to other people, but the tension and the pressure to make things worked has got into me too much that it has made me more anxious than excited.

The last few days I have been busied with gathering documents, typing letters, finding pictures, and also reading other people’s experiences about applying for a fiancee visa. It is not as easy at it is said at the UKBA’s (United Kingdom Border Agency) website. You might only see a short list of stuffs over there, and you might think “oh that’s pretty straightforward”, no it is not.

Few weeks ago I went to a travel agency who helped me with the visitors visa to the UK and to Australia, and asked them if they could help me with the fiancee visa as well. They did not even take more than a minute to decide that they could not help. So I asked my auntie whose friend is the owner of one travel agency, who should be very experienced in making visas, and he said that it is going to be hard and you would never know what could happen. So basically he couldn’t help as well.

Few more rejections later, I decided to do it myself, and go through all the required steps to get things done. I went through the world wide web to get more informations about what I should do to get my visa application approved. It is not easy. Really…

What I have learned from the forums for expatriates, the UKBA never gave us an exact directions about what we should give and what they needed to know. They would give us some guidance, and it would be up to us to interpret that and decide which documents should go with the applications to support the informations there. The more elaborate the supporting documents the better.

So when things became really tense yesterday, I had a very bad conversation with Mr. Fix-It.

Mr Fix-It, being a British citizen himself, never understood how someone could be rejected when they applied for a visa. He believes that as long as the required documents is provided and a long elaborated letter explaining stuffs is given to the officer, things would go smoothly as he wishes — because that’s how the system works in the country where he lives. In fact, he does’t need to apply for any kind of visa to enter some countries in the world at all. So, how could he understand that someone could be rejected in visa application?

He could not get that his country could be the worst for the visa application (together with the US and Australia, of course). He doesn’t understand that as one of the main destination for illegal immigrants, his country NEEDS to be a little bit paranoid to make sure only the right person come in. He doesn’t understand that general visitor visa is not the same with fiancee visa, as the former is only visiting visa and the latter is a settlement visa.

And the fact that he couldn’t understand this annoyed the shit out of me.

When I told him that I needed more proofs to assure the border agency officers about everything, he said I worried too much. When I told him that I worried because there are people from other countries that has got rejected because they’ve provided not enough evidences, he said it was probably because the person and the country they’re from were not quite trusted. When I told him that it was a student in the UK University, who came from the US which should be a low risk country, that has got rejected, he said that it must be the person’s background and history.

Why wouldn’t he just agree that it might be because of the lack of evidences?

He said I don’t have to prove myself to the border agency officers. The heck I do.

I am a stranger. A foreigner to the country. I came to stay and to use their resources. Of course I need to prove that I deserve all that.

It is stressful enough to have to do all of this preparation, and it is even more stressful that he doesn’t understand why I was stressed.

However, so far, I have prepared the best I could. I really hope nothing would go wrong with this application because not only the application fee is so damn expensive (considering the ever changing currency rate), but also because I really don’t want Mr. Fix-It to live in a country like this. I could adapt better than he does 😦

I don’t believe in luck, but just for this one… wish me luck.



OCD: Deddy Corbuzier’s Diet


It is trending now.

Well… I am not that into a diet related trend. When my mother went for that food combining diet, I did not care. When my sister decided that the best was Atkins diet, I did not care. And then not so long time ago, my father came to us and said that he wanted to try the Dedy Corbuzier’s Diet.

OCD, Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet — is a kind of diet that is re-introduced by Deddy Corbuzier. If you don’t know him, you are most probably not an Indonesian, or haven’t been living in Indonesia for more than two decades. Deddy Corbuzier was popular as a mentalist magician. I vaguely remember that he could be the first mentalist went on television in Indonesia. He was THAT popular.

But I think after a while, his popularity as a magician dropped as magic is no longer a hype in Indonesia he started to host a show called Hitam Putih. I knew this after I came back from the UK, and watched the show and realised something has changed in him. I did not realise anything at the beginning but started to point out several changes. He went bald and he looked thin.

About several weeks ago, the diet became the talk. Everbody said they are going to try that. Some even claimed that it worked for them. So my father thought it must be a good idea to follow the program.

I have nothing against this kind of diet. Different kind of diet works for different people and maybe this would work for my father too. But my father only knew a bit about this diet and doesn’t understand the rest, and I think if it is done wrong, this diet could be very dangerous.

Basically the OCD principal is that you have to fast and can only eat on the allowed hours. You could choose between 8, 6 or 4 hours when you can eat whatever you want. You can eat anything even for the stuff that your nutritionist and doctor said to be avoided because it could be dangerous to your system. OCD says, it is fine.

Maybe it’s true.

However there is something that my father doesn’t understand. The diet says that during the eating hours, you could eat anything — but my father never mentioned that you could eat anything between your calories allowance. I assumed he did not know about his own calories allowance. But, lets say he knows perfectly about his calories allowance, does he know how many calories has he taken in a day?

I don’t believe so.

Who would think that a piece of fried chicken from a restaurant contains the same calories with a cup of fried rice? Who would think that a 30g bag of crisps contains the same calories with a cup of chicken noodle? Nobody, until we carefully read the nutrition facts label behind the packages, or do some research about the food we eat.

Neither does my father.

He thought he’s been doing well, by eating only on the allowed hours, and did some cardio to help him burn some more calories. He probably never realised that he’s been eating more by snacking. Oh that dangerous bugger, snacks is. You wouldn’t realise how many calories you take in by munching two slices of banana fritters, or biscuits, or a scoop of ice cream, or your favourite frappucino. Oh no you wouldn’t.

So, please…

I have nothing against this diet. Even I have to admit I am a bit curious and would probably try to do this too. But I think before we start with this diet, we have to understand at least the basic knowledge of calories and nutritions. I know you don’t have to suffer and eating only brown rice and steamed chicken breast, but knowing what you eat could at least save your from overeating.



I am glad that I am living in the era of technology, where information can be easily spread and accessed, and internet is no longer a luxury. I am happy that now, more and more people are literate. I am happy that the world is evolving to the better.

When I was very young, you don’t just talk to people online. You would hide your identity because you understand that there was danger lurking in every corner of the virtual world. You would never say your real name, or where you really lived. You would never tell people your real age was, or where you went to school. But now, you gathered in a place with your real name, with a bunch of stranger and just throw comments and criticism about a sensitive subjects. People call it freedom of speech, the gift of the digital era.

I encouraged this kind of discussion. I don’t mind at all. I do believe in that, and that’s why I have this blog in the first place.

I just realised lately, that whenever the discussions was heated up, and the arguments went a little bit too far… one of the most common accusation which was brought up was, “RACIST!!”

What is racism really?

I have posted in my blog before that anybody could be a racist. But going around pointing fingers to people saying that they are racist without an apparent reason? Think again.

According to wikipedia (because I am too lazy to find another source):

Racism, also sometimes called racialism, is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that reflect a worldview according to which members of a race share a set of characteristic traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics and which means that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others

Without trying to be pedantic about it, I asked you to think again.

If someone attacked you or your idea and made a hate comment by attacking your race, than they were being racist.

But if someone made a nasty comment about your religion or treated you differently because of your beliefs then, they are not a racist. They were discriminating, or blasphemers if you are religious.

If anybody attacked you because of you are a woman, or if they made a disgusting and degrading comment about any woman, they are not being racist too. They were being a dickhead misogynistic bastard.

And if anybody attacked your because of your sexual orientation or treated you badly just because you think you are trapped inside a wrong body, they are not being racist too. They were being a moroning fucktard who needs a kick in their head to make them think straight doing a hate act and speech and in a more civilised country these can be brought to the court and they could be imprisoned for that.

I know that it is a simple think compared to the real issues. I understand that for some people it doesn’t really matter if they have been using the correct terminology or not, as long as their counterpart understand what they were trying to say. But this simple thing is not so simple when it is exposed in public, isn’t it?

We laughed at V*cky — that guy who got engaged to a Dangdut singer, because he had been using “weird” phrases during his interview with the media. We mocked him mercilessly because of his speech during his campaign in KarangAsih. But I think we did that because we believe we know better than him. Because we think we speak better Bahasa Indonesia and English compared to him.

Maybe, when we overly misused the word “racist”, those people who actually understood what that word means were laughing at us the way we laughed at V*cky?

Maybe it started from something simple to reach a perfection. Maybe it started from a lot of practices. And actually that is why I started to write in English in this blog, to practice and practice and expand my vocabulary and improve my writing, and learn.

I am so sorry that today’s entry is not really reflecting the title, but I hope you’ve got my point…

SocMed Missionary


If I should describe my feelings about these social media missionaries, it would be:


But, who are they? What is this social media missionary?

When I was still using Blackberry Messenger, they are those who updated their status with a line or two from their holy book, or a motivational sentences from whoever telling that God this and God that. They are those who updated their profile pictures with photos of beardy guys smiling or a writings in the sky with the light coming from the gap of the cloud. And they call it heaven. And they are those who broadcasted stupid things at least once a week, usually on Sundays. What I have done to them? Ignored the updates, and deleted the broadcaster (they never learned).

And they are on Facebook too. They also updated their status, but longer because they have space to do it. They also posted pictures, and worse, they can do it several times a day. They also post links of prayers, and articles of bullshits. Good job they don’t have the broadcast message features, I would die. What I have done to them? Put them in one group and ask facebook not to send me any feed updates from these people.

So they learn twitter… It is easy. I don’t have to follow them because the best thing about twitter is you don’t have to follow whoever you don’t want to follow, although it is your friend. Or, you can just follow them if they are your mum or dad, or your grandma and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, and mute their account so you don’t have to see their tweets.

But there come Path.

As I have said many times before, but not in this blog, so you probably haven’t seen it, Path is a facebook for the hispters. It’s for those who said facebook sucks and cluttered but treated path just like facebook, even worse. They said that Path is facebook, instagram, foursquare, and twitter combined in one. But they don’t realise that in instagram and twitter you don’t have to follow each other.

You don’t have to see bullshits you don’t want to see.

With Path, you have to deal with it. Everyday.

You can’t mute them. You can’t block them. You can’t ask Path to hide their updates. And what make it worse is that if these people is one of the 150 closest people in your life. You can’t ignore it because it is on your phone, and it flashes every time they say something about their religion.

You know, there are people you love, but you love them when they shut the fuck up about their religion. It is like penis, you know, it is okay to have them, but stop shoving it in front other people. Especially if they have their own.

Maybe they don’t realise that what they are doing is not different from the emo teens who has to update their timeline with sad depressed stuffs. Which is good for them. Which is probably their lifestyle. Which is probably what they believe. But it is disturbing for other peope who don’t give a damn. It makes people uncomfortable, and hate your beliefs because they can’t hate you.

If you want to make people like your religion, be a good representative. Don’t be a dick.


A Review or A Spoiler



Sometimes, writing review could be the hardest thing to do for me. I always wanted to tell how good or how bad a film is, or probably how inspiring a book could be for me, but I don’t want to spoil the fun for other people who has not got the chance to watch or read the story. However, I don’t think many people has the same principal.

I don’t like spoiler.

Probably that is one of the reason I don’t really fancy reading reviews on blogs. I don’t mind reading reviews written by a professional, but reading amateur reviews could sometimes be a pain in the bottom for they never cared about warning the readers if they have spoiler in the article. This is too bad because sometimes the amateur reviews are more objective since they are not get paid for writing a comment for a film, but sometimes they don’t understand how people don’t want to know the ending, or the surprise, or what the twist in the crime story, or who’s the killer, or warnings about when the monsters would come out of the closet,

Don’t need them.

Don’t want them.

And if you do have to spoil something, please write **SPOILER WARNING**, BEFORE the review. Because normally people don’t read word by word. They would just skim the whole paragraph and suddenly they’ve got spoiled. And that wasn’t the best feeling in the world either.

I might not be the best reviewer in the world. I used to write the synopsis of the story before reviewed it. However writing synopsis could end up spoiling in a way, so I stopped doing that now. I know that sometimes I could accidentally spoil something, but I tried not to just blurt out with the important details of the film or series or whatever. And I know it is hard to hold your fingers not to type the whole interesting stuffs you’ve seen in the screen or you read in the book, but that’s why some people are well paid as a reviewer. Because they’re good at it.

I remember years ago when I was active in a forum (not that which claimed itself as the Indonesia biggest forum — which for me was a crappy forum), we were exchanging information about good films. One of the hardest job for the moderator on the film and tv moderator was to get these spoilers the necessary warnings and delete the spoilers in the thread. Not only it means that they have to read all the thread, and the fact that there are a lot of ignorant forum members at that time, but it also means they have to read the spoilers. I bet their life sucks because all the film and tv series they watched have all been spoiled before.

I am so sorry for them.

Yet, there are so little appreciation to these forum moderators.


I don’t want to be a grumpy annoying and criticising PMS-ing woman just because of simple things like this. However, sometimes something which you think of simple and unimportant for you, might be a big thing for someone else. I could give a lot of examples but, one of my friends literally unfriended and blocked his friends because they regularly posted comments about films which contained spoilers in their facebook walls. Did I think of it as “oh that’s a bit rough, isn’t it?”?

Not really.

Like what I have said. Something which probably nothing for you could be a big thing for others. For me it is the BBM broadcast messages. I have deleted my own cousin from my BB list just because of that.

So, if you find any spoilers in my entries, and you care about it, please let me know. Leave a comment or simply send me an email if you want to keep anonymous. Thank you for caring.


Your Body Is Your House


I’ve heard many times people said that your body is your temple. I am not sure how far the truth in that sentence is, because I have never gone to any temple. Of course basically we need to respect it, clean it, decorate it and all that stuff. But does it also include letting anyone who’s curious and wish to find peace in? As far as I’m concern a temple is kind of a public area, and I’m not sure if I wanted to expose my body for public use.

So I think for me, I’d rather use a house analogous to my body. I’d say, my body is my house. It’s private, I’d only let people I trust in, and I’m responsible for things because it’s mine. I will still respect it, decorate it, and clean it, but I can still have party in it, things you might not be able to do in a temple. Does that make sense?

I believe that you are what you eat. Your outlook towards food reflects your perspective towards life itself. If you’re so uptight about your diet, what you eat and when you eat it, you’re a control freak. If you orders everything in the special today’s menu, you’re greedy. If you don’t finish it you don’t know the value of money. If you do finish it, you’re a glutton. If you snack you know how to enjoy life. So and so forth.

You’re also how you represent yourself in public. You are what you wear. You’re HOW you wear what you wear. You’re how you treat your skin, your hair, your nails. You are how you sit, your posture when you’re standing. You’re how you look into someone’s eyes straight, and how you shake their hands.

Taking care of how you look is like maintaining your house. Occasional make over. Change the curtain with the clean one. Sweep the floor and mop it. Wipe the windows and change the dead flower decoration. You can pay someone to take care of the garden or to repaint the wall, but you wouldn’t let the mould eat the beauty of your house. House can be old, but it doesn’t have to look ugly.

But that’s not all. You are what you say. What you blog, twit, or path. You are what you say on your facebook status; do you swear, moan, brag or just mildly share your rant. You’re not however what you let people think you are. But you’re how you do it in life. And I think it’s cool as a part of survival skills.

A person without knowledge is like a house without appliances. It’s still a house but it is not really efficient, so you have to upgrade knowledge like you upgrade gadgets in your house, don’t you?

My body is my house. I do occasional parties, but I clean the next day. I let people who I trust in, because it is not a public domain. I take care and decorate the way it’s acceptable for me. What could be wrong?