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Book Review: The Curious Incident of The Dog


Title: The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time
Author: Mark Haddon
Format: paperback
Language: English

The story revolves around a teenage boy with Asperger syndrome, who in one night found out that his neighbour’s dog was killed with a garden fork. He decided that he would find the killer and write a book about it.

I really couldn’t and shouldn’t tell you more than that because I don’t want to spoil the fun you are going to get reading this book. This book is very interesting no matter how and from which angle you would want to discuss about it.

The theme of the book is not quite mainstream, the main character is rather uncommon, the story telling with a lot of illustration — although isn’t quite original, is pretty refreshing, but what captivated me more is the way the author portrayed the mind of a 15 year old boy who lives with Asperger syndrome. It is sinfully funny, and remarkably honest. I love the dark humour he inserted in this book.

The wordings he chose was pretty simple. I think the author has broken some norms in writing this unique novel, However by doing so, he is not only making this book readable to first time readers and non-native readers. It is so easy to understand such a complex story, and I should give a lot of kudos for the author for being able to do that.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. I know that this book has a lot of foul words, but so does my blog. And kids nowadays have heard worse than that you could find in this book, so yeah let them read it.

I rate this book 10/10


TNSOFT ep.20


Rhyme is just a little boy when he met Banjo. He used to help the stage setters bringing the woods and decorations just for few copper coins. He could have got a better job since he was still young and was quite good looking too, but he kept following Banjo’s group for a reason. He idolised the man who came back from the kingdom half the world away.

The first time Banjo noticed his existence was the day he got up sober after months being drunk mourning for his wife and daughter. The second time was the day he caught him practicing a soliloquy from an unknown poet from their neighbouring kingdom. And when he decided to call this young boy to sit down with him and talk, Banjo has already known that Rhyme did not have parents and was left alone in front of the opera house and worked his life to repay the kindness of the people around him before he decided to leave the opera house and follow his group.

Banjo could not forget the gleaming happiness in his face when he asked him if he wanted to be his personal assistant. Banjo thought that this boy might eventually explode confetti if he admitted that his real intention is to make him his godson.

Rhyme had never disappointed his godfather. He studied really hard, and even managed to learn a little of the language of the kingdom of summer. Slowly, he learned and took over the financing of Banjo’s music group, and supervise the stage setting. Having Rhyme to manage everything, Banjo had more time to work on his music. Small things that used to annoy him such as replacing the backdrop on the stage or the malfunction of the musical instruments are no longer bothering him, since Rhyme has done everything for him.

Rhyme was not allowed to do physical works anymore and was told to delegate since he had to study. After awhile, when his skin had become fairer as he’s got less sun exposure, and he looked a little bit cleaner since he’s no longer doing physical work, and he becomes more eloquent and charismatic since he becomes more intelligent; Banjo let him to fill the role to open a concert.

Rhyme told this to Coco, who listened whole heartedly. Of course it is not so easy to understand someone if her knowledge of his language is not better than his knowledge of her language. But somehow being able to understand his story and exchange their language at the same time has touched Coco’s heart a little.

Of course it’s before she saw the face she dreaded so much. Spike bumped into her on her way to the town centre, and he did it the way coco would know that he was being deliberate. And now she had to find a way to bring him back to the princess without making him think that he had bored her silly.

TNSOFT ep. 19


Spike could not hide his anger when he saw Coco left the building with that man. Of course not because of jealousy, don’t be silly. He couldn’t understand how he could trust this maid if she could leave the princess alone with some old man who he knew by then has lost his wife and daughter. How could she leave the princess for a man in silly clothes like that?

Now what should he tell his parents about this? More over, what should he tell the king and the queen of the kingdom of summer in his report to them?

Knowing there is nothing he could do about the princess, he decided to follow Coco to give her a lesson. The man in the silly clothes brought her around and tried to explain to her with a very limited vocabulary. Spike walked and deliberately bumped into them and quickly said sorry after making sure Coco saw his face.

And oh the look on her face was definitely priceless. It was a mix of horror and despair, and he knew that her first thought was how she was going to save herself from being hanged once she came back to the kingdom. Of course he would not be so cruel to her and let her die just because of this, but knowing how scared she was amused him quite a lot.

From afar he saw how she tried to convince the man to come back to the princess. And that poor man must have thought that he bore her that much that she wanted to leave so quickly. And later she had to explain to the princess why they came back so quickly.

However, he could not celebrate this too much. The thought of the encounter between the princess and that old musician bothered him a lot. He remembered the last time he asked Coco about the man named Banjo.

“Who is Banjo?” he asked.

Coco looked at him without blinking. Banjo was the most unthinkable topic among them. Even when she was in the palace, nobody dared to ask about him to her nor to Princess Cinnamon. No wonder Spike was do hesitant to ask this question.

“Why do you ask that?”

“I’ve been told that the reason why princess Cinnamon left the kingdom is because of this man. I want to know who he is really,” said Spike turning his back to hide his blushing face.

“He was a street musician at our marketplace,” Coco began hesitantly.

“A street musician?”

“He was. One day the princess listened to his music and gave him gold coins and started to talk to him. From him she learned the language of this land and also started to know things about the four kingdoms — and their four seasons.

“It wasn’t him she was chasing. It was the freedom this land represented, and she loved him not in the way you might think. He was the one who gave her the key to the other side of the world. He gave her the sight of the new universe. He was the prophet who leads her to the Promised Land,” said Coco in a sad tone.

“How do you know this? Did she tell you?”

“Of course she would never tell me this but, mister guard; I have lived with her for almost all my life. I talked to her, listened to her, observed her and took care of her more than her own siblings and parents. I knew when she lied or planned a mischief. I knew what she felt and how he would react to it,” Coco explained, her mind wandered to the past when they were still in the palace.

“And why do you think she doesn’t want to marry the prince?”

“The arranged marriage?” Coco was surprised that mister guard knew about that.

“You knew that she was being arranged to marry, did you not?”

“I know. I was surprised that you do,” said Coco suspiciously.

“The king told me,” he said quickly.

“Oh…” Coco replied in disbelief.

“Did she said anything, maybe she hates the prince or that she thinks he was a jerk when they met…?”

“How do you know they met before?” asked Coco more suspiciously.

“As a guard I was given enough information, and I would like more so I can be more cautious,” he said impatiently.

“No, she said the prince was perfect. She was just scared that something that was too good to be true usually is,” said Coco while trying to remember the day. Oh what a fateful day.

TNSOFT ep. 18


“Mister Banjo, there are two girls wants to see you. They look foreign…” said Rhyme who was still on his leather outfit.

“Let them in, and buy the best food from the restaurant and also the best wine you can find in town. This lady is my special guest from the faraway kingdom…” Banjo has never felt so ecstatic like that for years.

“Are they the prin…”

“I will introduce you to them later, Rhyme,” cut the older man. “Now please help me to save my face and give these ladies the best western hospitality!”

Rhyme nodded eagerly and walked out with excited look in his face. He could not take his eyes off the two young girls, and tried so hard not to say anything to anyone as Banjo has requested. He knew following this eccentric musician would give him so much experience. But meeting a princess from an exotic land in person was overwhelming.

“You remember,” said Princess Cinnamon when he entered Banjo’s chamber.

“Honestly, I did not think you could make it this far,” he replied with her language, so that Coco would understand what they were talking about. Of course such remark would instantly upset her but for now she could only be glad that at least for once she could a full sentence without asking Princess Cinnamon to translate it for her.

“Princess is very determined,” Coco defended her mistress.

“Of course she is, and you must be Coco,” smiled Banjo.

“I am indeed. How do you…?”

“Oh your princess told me a lot about you on our meetings in the marketplace. Now I know why your highness said you were her best friend,” said Banjo approvingly.

Coco was startled with this statement. Of course this barbaric outcast must have been mistaken the word. That a “friend” in her language might mean something else in his.

“Come on, Banjo. Don’t be so cruel and make fun of a young and inexperienced woman like she is. You don’t want to hurt your own reputation, do you?” princess found herself a seat and told Coco to sit somewhere near.

“I have just thinking about you today, Cinnamon,” said Banjo and Coco was ready to flee from her seat to give him a good slap to remind him his position. But the princess held her hand and told her to remain sitting.

A knock on the door, followed by Rhyme and several waiters carrying food and wine inside interrupted them. Banjo asked Rhyme to stay inside and introduced him as his foster son. Rhyme greeted them in their language with a weird accent, which for Coco sounds really cute.

“Now, why don’t you help Rhyme to better his language and ask him to show you around? I thought you are almost die of boredom following me,” said Princess Cinnamon to Coco who did not take a second thought to leave the room with that guy in the leather clothes.

“So, how was everything?” Banjo smiled when the door was closed.

TNSOFT ep. 17


“Princess!” shouted Coco, trying to beat the noise of the crowd.

Princess Cinnamon did not hear anything. She kept swimming through the sea of people, pulling and pushing through to get both of them as close as possible to the stage. She could feel however the hand of her companion resisting when he dragged her closer and closer to the centre of the swarming audiences.

“Princess, please tell me why are we doing this?” Coco almost cried when a man twice get size bumped to her and almost made her fall.

“We, my dear Coco, are doing what every other people in this city are doing. Watching the show. Getting as close as possible to the stage,” said the princess without even looking back. She however wouldn’t let her loyal maid’s hand go.

“Princess it is impo…”

“There!” Princess Cinnamon shouted happily with a smug in her face when finally her last push produce enough room for her and Coco just next to the barrier separating the audiences and the beautiful stage.

“Wow…” said Princess Cinnamon when she saw the huge decorated venue in front of her.

“Wow indeed,” murmured Coco grumpily and brushing off her clothes. She added, “now I have understood why you insisted to come to this place. You do belong to this barbaric kingdom. Indeed.”

Coco was lucky that she finished her rant just before the man in a leather outfit got up to the stage and the crowd gradually went quiet. As if the magic force hypnotised them, all the attentions were focused on his soft calming voice. Even Coco stopped grumping and started to listen the welcoming speech she did not even understand.

“Who is he?” asked Coco.

She never received the wanted answer though, because the man in the leather outfit started to walk out and the roaring thunderous noise drowned all the answer if there was even any. An older man, carrying the similar Banjo the princess always carried around replaced the place of the man in the leather clothes and waved. As if conducted to be silent, everybody started to lower their voice.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you and welcome…” he suddenly cut his sentence, and Coco realised that he was staring at the Princess who smiled back at him, and beg with her all her telepathic power for him to continue before everyone there realised what happened.

Banjo cleared his throat and start over.

“Thank you and welcome to today’s performance. This afternoon is indeed very special for me. Earlier today I had a moment. I thought of my past and what has brought me here. Of course some of you have heard of the story about me being a street musician on the other side of this world and was helped by a beautiful princess for the east…”

The crowd murmured, and Coco could hear how popular the story was among these people. That reminded her how popular the princess would be if that man introduced her in the stage. Which is good, she thought, as that would mean people will start treating them better.

“That is a true story. But you only hear half of the story. This very princess who helped me out in my darker days has promised me a visit… And that day is coming soon. If she is in this kingdom, I would ask her to fulfil her promise to me,” he smiled without looking to the princess again. He knew she would received the clue.

“As an invitation to Princess, I would sing a song from the east. The lullaby from the kingdom of summer,” he placed his banjo in front of him and started a song Coco recognised.

“Princess! He is singing our…”

Princess Cinnamon didn’t react. Actually she did not hear any of Coco’s rambling anymore. She was overjoyed with this moment, with the fulfilled promises and the meeting of an old fellow. She was mesmerised with the lullaby he sang, because she knew he sang it to her as a welcome greetings.

The afternoon passed quickly. Today was really a special day.

TNSOFT ep 16


The stage has been set and it looked amazing. He knew it would look amazing because he had been up there many times before and after some times, they were getting better and faster in decorating the stage. In an hour or two he had to be there again to greet the audiences and play some songs to entertain them. Things he had been doing for the last few years of his life.

He sighed and smelled the bittersweet scent in the air. It was never easy to look less depressed being in a place where you had lost everything. However there was an unseen chain which tied him down to this place, so that no matter how far he went away and seek consolation he would always come back as this is the place he called home.

A bad memory is still a memory. He could not imagine how life would be for someone who has no memory. No past, nobody and practically nothing to remember. He scribbled something in the paper, a reminder that he would need to put that line on the lyrics next time he write another song. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

There were more time to daydream, and while his mind was wandering off to the past and places he went to, he suddenly remember the marketplace. Actually every time someone he did not know stopped him on the road just to greet him and tell him how beautiful the song he wrote, he always remember the marketplace. He began to appreciate the perks of being anonymous, being unknown.

It is so much different when you are in the street singing a love song, and people just passed you by. Sometimes someone would care enough to stop for three seconds and then throw a few copper coins. But you only sing when you want to, and there was no pressure nor expectation of what song to write nor to sing that day. The afternoons in the kingdom of summer marketplace is not a stage of stardom.

And today, he felt such feeling of nostalgia even more than usual. Maybe it was because the girl he saw on the crowd today looked so similar to the princess whose gold coins had bring him back to his homeland. He thought for awhile and wonder that Princess Cinnamon would have grown up like that girl in the crowd by then. But, it must be his wild imagination that made he think that he saw a princess in the crowd without any guards around her.

He wondered then, whether she could finally sing not play the banjo he gave her as a parting gift. Or whether she could finally break down the thick palace walls and like she said to him almost ten years ago that she would one day take her own adventure. He smiled bitterly.

It has been years gone by since the marketplace days. He has changed as the reality has shown him how to, and he felt sad to think that that fiery princess might have changed as well. It is more possible that she got herself married to a prince from a respectable kingdom and then become a queen with a crown prince sitting on her lap.

Yes that is more likely.

And he almost wept for that beautiful little princess when a knock on the door woke him up from the upsetting daydream.

“Mister Banjo, Sir… Are you ready?” a young man about thirty years of age came in with the eagerness of a puppy.

“Yes, Rhyme…” Banjo got up and walked to the door. The corner of his eyes caught a reflection of himself in the mirror, which showed him how life has added lots more strands of greys in his head.

TNSOFT ep. 15


Princess Cinnamon looked outside. Coco was right, the forest was red. The trees were so tall, taller than any trees she had ever seen in her homeland. And they looked red. It’s not the kind of red like blood, or tomato, or lips. It’s red like terracotta bricks. A slightly orange red. Princess Cinnamon was in awe.

“That’s so beautiful, Coco,” she said without answering Coco’s question.

Coco looked so annoyed. Now she wished she could speak in this foreign language. Symphony, learned from decades of experiences recognised the childish impatience in her eyes. She nudged Princess Cinnamon, disrupted her daydream and pointed at Coco with a movement of her eyeballs.

“Oh, she wanted to know about this red woods,” Princess Cinnamon told Symphony, leaving the fact that she was as curious as her handmaiden.

Symphony’s grandmotherly expression calmed Coco’s rage. She started to explain, softly and slowly, giving time for the excited princess pass the knowledge to the eager sidekick.

“The woods isn’t always red. It’s only the time of the year when wind blows stronger and the weather becomes icy cold the leaves would turn from green to reddish. It’s the sign for the farmers to start finishing their last harvest of the year, and for the tradesmen to stock up for when the land dried and the ice falls from the sky.

“At that time of the year, what you’ve seen red would turn to sparkling white. You would see a shiny silver line on the horizon and a slight gleam of the lazy sun rises in the morning. In the afternoon the sun would set faster, people would go home earlier as it would be too cold to walk in the street. Fathers or the oldest sons would start bringing firewood to their hearth and mothers would distribute hot milk to the kids. And wine to the adults to keep them warm and happy.

“And then after the first sprouts coming from the ground, the wind would change its direction and suddenly the land is warmer. It would be wet, and fertile, some old folks would start to gather and send offerings to the spirits of the land, and farmers would start working again. The woods would be green as the young leaves would grow and replaced the old ones. And when you breathe you can smell the sweet smell of roses. And when you try to listen carefully enough, you will hear bees working to gather honey.

“Then the weather would be too nice for you to stay indoors. Summer. I think it would remind you a little about your homeland. The golden sun would warm the soil and everything golden would rise from there. The corn, the wheat, the sunflower. I’m lucky I’m no longer teaching, so I can enjoy the sea.

“As the circle completed, the golden forest would slowly burnt into terracotta colour again. Like what you see now. And those are the four seasons,” Symphony finished her tale. Princess Cinnamon, Coco and Melody were staring at her completely dazed by how Symphony describe everything.

“Hey Coco,” Princess Cinnamon poked her and whispered. “Now I bet you are not as sorry as you were before for following me to this land. We have to stay at least one whole circle to witness the magic of the four seasons.”

“You’re surprisingly right, My Princess. But why are you whispering?” Coco replied, also whispering.

“I don’t want to ruin the magical moment we’re having now.”

“Trust me Princess, it doesn’t matter anymore now, since you’ve already ruined it when you poked my hand,” Coco looked at her apologetically.

TNSOFT ep. 14


Coco thought she had to stop being a whining little brat. The journey to the Fortress City wasn’t as bad as she had imagined before. Even, she quite enjoyed the trip although now she couldn’t just admit it to the princess how wrong she was. The road wasn’t as smooth as one in the city, but it was quite big and not at all bumpy like what those nosey merchants in the market said to her. Coco couldn’t take her eyes off the window of the carriage which took them to the Fortress City.

Just when they passed the city wall, they would see the houses became less and less, until one point they can only see the huge land. The farmland. The cows looked a little bit bigger than those in their own kingdom, so did the sheeps and horses. Behind them, a grey sky and a silhouette of the mountain. The Queen’s Mountain.

And instead of robbers stopping them on their way, they had a very nice company for their small adventure. Even when they started to enter the little forrest, which marked the border between the farms and the compound of huge buildings where they took all the products from the farms and distribute it all over the four kingdoms. Or at least that was what their nice new friend told them.

It’s an old lady and her grand daughter who shared the rent of the carriage with Coco and the princess. Her hair is almost all white, and it scared Coco a little. Old person always reminded her of her dead great grand parents who lost in the sea – her parents said their ghost were protecting their house. She couldn’t believe she remembered that, it must have been more than fifteen years since she saw her parents. When she thought this, she regretted a little for not seeing them before she left because she might never came back.

Coco glad she did not understand what the old lady told them, because apparently she talked a lot. Princess Cinnamon looked so enthusiastic listening and replying, and sometimes translating to Coco some interesting new fact she just found out from her new buddy. And that was quite distracting for Coco who would rather enjoying the mystifying little woodland outside the carriage than drowning in the information overload their carriage-mate presented to them cheerily.

Her name was Symphony, and her little granddaughter who has been sleeping since they entered the forrest was Melody. Symphony had been a governess in a very rich family in the Harbour City for decades and just this year she decided to dedicate herself for her own family. She reminded Princess Cinnamon to the teachers the Queen hired to educate her- who always impressed her with new things. But in her kingdom, teachers are jobs for males, she was so astonished that in this land, women could teach too.

Symphony told her about the history about the cities in the kingdoms. She told them about how the Fortress City had changed over the centuries, and what had happened before the forts had been built. She said it used to be a busy city where the merchants from all over the world came and trade. They had a big port and a lot of alehouse where the sailors young and old would gather and found ladies to have fun with.

“Unfortunately,” Symphony frowned when she said this, as if she had to break a bad news. “The Red Beards – the most ruthless land and sea conqueror, the big vicious pirates who killed men and rape women in the cities of course after they burnt down all the emptied warehouses – came with a hundred warships and threatened the sailors and the merchants. They stopped trading in the Fortress City, and went to the Harbour City instead.”

“The ruling king at that time built fortresses at the cliff and the shoreline, and sunk the Red Beard’s ships. Some survived but they flee and landed in the northern islands. It is said they created a new civilisation there,” Symphony shrugged. Princess Cinnamon translated this to Coco who was then quite impressed by how the princess could make herself useful at something. Coco shivered a little every time she recalled the days when she had to train her cooking and bed-making skills.

“The city was never returned to its glory though. The war took too long so that when it’s over the merchants had decided to move completely to the Harbour City. Of course there are local market there, but Fortress City was never as big as it used to be. But, this unfortunate event had resulted to the city’s hidden treasures,” said Symphony. The princess eyes widened when she heard that.

“Every year the city would have a one month festival to celebrate their victory upon the Red Beards. Their best musicians would perform every night and day near the city castle, which was actually a very big fortress where all the townsfolk hid every time the Red Beards attacked the city. This city spawned with musicians. And poets too, but most of them are musicians. Their musicians would go all over the land to perform, and go back to their hometown to perform in the Victory Month Festival,” the little Melody woke up just when her grandmother mentioned festival. Princess Cinnamon wondered if she was ever asleep to begin with.

But unlike Melody, Coco couldn’t care less about the music festival. She just realised how odd the forrest was when the wind blew one falling leaf through the window. The leaf was red. The whole forrest was red. And for the first time since she sat inside the carriage, she asked the princess a question.

“Why is the forrest red? What kind of tree is that?”

TNSOFT ep. 13


Banjo just arrived home after a long two weeks with her fellow musicians. They’ve been singing in the cities of the kingdom of Music. People were coming from the four kingdoms, and they’ve been making a lot of money by doing this. He have done that a lot after he went back from the Kingdom of Summer. The money he got from the princess got him enough not only to sail back to his hometown, but also to start a better musician group.

It’s always nice to come home. His wife would welcome him with a lot of hugs and kisses, and his daughter would shout an annoying hysterical joyful shriek which can only be done by kids. And then the home cooked meal would be served in the table, and the family friend would gather to raid those pieces of goodness without paying. But it’s nice to come home, it is nice to have a place to come home to.

Viola, his wife was once a musician too. A very great one, even. She composed great songs, and even some of the best songs Banjo played with his fellows were her works. But she got pregnant not so long after they married. She said it was a blessing, although quietly everybody thought it was a mistake. She stopped playing music, and started playing dolls with her daughter. Within a year, nobody remembered the great female musician Viola.

They lived in one posh estate just outside the Fortress City. It was a small house when Banjo bought it the first time he came home from the Kingdom of Summer. Slowly, he and Viola who met when they were working as the Kingdom of Music Royal Musician in the palace, upgraded it little by little.

“Father!!” His little girl would run and jump to him, and he could feel her became heavier and heavier each time. Last time she did that he felt his back cracked a little, he thought it almost broke. But he enjoyed that, knowing that probably in few years, she would decide to marry some guy and leave her broken hearted old man alone.

He would show her whatever he bought on his journey for her. One time he brought home a wooden elephant toy, another time a pretty colourful dress (which apparently was too big at that moment she had to wait another year to actually fit to wear that dress). And when he learnt that buying clothes or shoes were too risky, he would buy her nice jewellery. A cheap one for the little girl, and the expensive one for her mother.

They called her Harmony. They used to call her Harmony.

She died last Winter, when the ice on the lake surface cracked. Her mother was never recover and drowned herself in the same lake when the spring came.

TNSOFT ep. 12


“You don’t look too happy,” said Spike the Guard when Coco showed up at their meeting point.

“I just can’t find the reason why I should be happy to see you,” Coco said, trying not to sound too sincere about what she had just said. .

“You want me to stop following you and the princess,” the guard laughed, not too loudly.

“And you’re stating the obvious. How fun our conversation today,” Coco rolled her eyes.

Yes. Coco thought Mister Guard had stopped following them when she didn’t see him at the port. She was pretty sure about that when she did not spot him when they were shopping at the Central Marketplace. But then a boy with blue eyes came and handed her a piece of paper when she was drinking the three silver coins nasty coffee, and she knew she was hoping too much.

“Hey! What is wrong with you? I thought we were in a good term after our conversation yesterday. Is this the time of the month while every girl becomes a little bit more grouchy than usual?”

“Well, I thought after our conversation yesterday, I don’t have to report to you everyday anymore. You know, at least you can give me a little bit of space…”

Spike laughed again, this time a little bit louder. He shook his head, pitying this girl’s innocence. She’s really bad at lying, he wondered how long she would be able to keep this meetings as secret from Princess Cinnamon.

“You know I’m just doing my job, just like you doing yours,” said Spike relaxing himself by sitting on the ground, Coco was tempted to do the same but she decided not to.

She did not really trust him, she believed he must have been hiding something. However what he had said made sense to her. Maybe he did not want to be there. Maybe he actually wanted to be somewhere else. Maybe he had a family he had to leave because of this job, following an annoying spoiled princess to make sure she was alright. So, Coco decided not to make his job even harder, and reported to him just like what she had been doing all these time.

“So she still wants to go to the Fortress City? Have you told her that there’s nothing there?” Spike looked puzzled.

“I did. I told everything. I even made up stories about the bandits who would stop us on our way there and catch us and torture us and sell us to the lords here. She said she needs to go there,” Coco became a little bit angrier being reminded of her failure.

“I’m sorry for that, and that I cannot help much with information either. Never have been there myself,” Spike looked sincerely sorry.

“That was not your fault,” Coco smiled, just to make that poor guard feel less guilty.

“Can I ask you a question?” Spike suddenly said after few seconds of silence.

Coco was surprised by this request because he usually never asked permission before asking her questions. This must be an important question, so Coco just let him ask.

“Who is Banjo?”