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Meine Fortschritte Deutsch zu Lernen




Ich heiße Bybyq. Ich lebe in Großbritannien mit meinem Mann (Ich liebe ihm). Wir leben in einer kleiner Wohnung. Unsere Stadt Norwich ist eine schöne Stadt. Es ist klein, aber hat es alles was wir brauchen.

Ich schreibe gerne. Ich mag auch kochen, stricken, und häkeln. Ich lese viele Bücher denn ich lese gerne. Ich mag jetzt Haruki Murakami, aber ich mag immer Agatha Christie.

Shit this is difficult.


Film Review: Halbe Brüder


Title: Halbe Brüder
Year: 2015
Director: Christian Alvart
Actors: Sido, Peri Baumeister, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht
Genre: Comedy
Language: Deutsch with English subtitles

Julian, Yassin, and Addi never crossed path before in the past, but one day they were gathered in a lawyer’s office just to be told that they were half brothers from their mother’s side. They were also told that they have got an inheritance, but only be given one clue how to get to it. So, the three men embarked on a journey of a lifetime as brothers.

I watched this film during my flight to Indonesia. Since my German was very much limited, I found the English subtitles helped a lot. I grew up reading subtitles, so it did not bothered me for one bit. However, I also know that for some native English speakers, the existence of subtitles could spoiled the fun of watching films — or just simply disturbing. But honestly, not watching this film just because it is subtitled… you’re missing something.

This is definitely a good comedy film. Like many comedy films, the storyline was just not logical. You cannot use your logic to make sense of some stuff in this film. It is not supposed to do that. Instead, it will make you say: “oh my dog… really??”, and laughed. And, no.. it is not that kind of “borderline bad cheesy” actions or “outrageously rude slapstick” either.

I cannot say much about the actors. I haven’t watched many German films (as much as I want to — I believe it would helped me in learning German better), so I don’t know many German actors. But these three main characters were definitely portrayed really well by these three actors. I wonder if they are the equivalent of Nicholas Saputra or Reza Rahardian in Indonesia — really good, but not yet go international.

It is not meant to be heavy, or deep. It does not promise you a good moral of the story. It does not try to confuse you with plot twists or anything like that. I believe its sole purpose of being made is pure entertainment. And it worked really well. It was enjoyable to watch, it definitely made my flight much more bearable, and it stuck in my head.

Again, I know that lots of people have problems with subtitles, but I will say it again that not watching a good film just because you cannot be bothered to read subtitles means you are missing so many good things in life. So, I will recommend Halbe Brüder, especially for these kind of people. It is light, it is not difficult to follow, and it is a good film. Who knows in the end of the film you suddenly want to learn German? There are lots of people want to learn Japanese because they watch animes.

I also will recommend this to other people. Like I said, it is good film, and definitely worth watching — as I rated it 4.5 out of 5. However, it is not for children though, as there are explicit words, sex scenes, blood, etc. Don’t say that I haven’t warned you 🙂


Hallo! Ich heiße Bybyq


Yes… yes… Ja!

I am learning Deutsch.

This is the thing… I have been thinking of learning a new language since ages ago. I even put it in my bucket list. So, since now I have plenty of time to use, why not start to learn? There is no better time to do this, is it?

You might ask “Why Deutsch?”

My answer is “Why not?”

I know that many Indonesian people I know (unless they work or study in Germany) would choose to learn Spanish or French first. I think those languages are awesome — Spanish is one of the most largely spoken language in the world, and French is… French. If I have got the opportunity and enough memory space in my brain, I might learn both, plus Japanese and maybe Chinese (for the practicality) too. However somehow — maybe because I do not like following the mainstream, I started to develop interest in Deutsch, especially after I know Haris.

Being multilingual is an advantage on its own. It is always fascinate my husband, who only speaks English that I could speak in at least two languages… fluently. If I threw in Javanese or Sundanese into the mix as well, then I would be regarded as trilingual. But for us, Indonesian, being trilingual is apparently not that special. Look at this…


Thing is… understanding Bahasa Indonesia, and Javanese is not really practical in real life, especially if you live in this part of the world. It is not as impressive as it sounds…

So, hopefully if I go to Deutschland this Sommer, I could at least have a simple conversation with the local people without relying too much on the dictionary. And, forgive me if I kept throwing in Vokabeln in Deutsch. I think that is the least I could do to improve as I don’t have conversing partner that could help me with the learning…


Auf Wiedersehen. Bis später.