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An Update (Again)


Just came back from my annual visit to Indonesia. As usual, to celebrate the CNY.

This time, Chinese New Year feels different for me. In so many ways.

Not only that now I am no longer receiving angpao, and instead having to give kids ones, it was also… I don’t know. Ambivalent? I don’t know, I am not even sure how to put it. What I know is that in this trip home, so many things has changed. And, I realised that I have changed a lot too, since the last CNY.


Mentally, mostly.

One little thing like… how I feel when I was surrounded by family, for example. It has changed too.

I used to like being left alone. I can blame it to my teenage angst, but now I can appreciate it more. I can appreciate being surrounded by cousins whom I haven’t met for at least five years, or nieces and nephews I haven’t never seen before. I can appreciate the attentions, as much as I could appreciate them leaving me alone in the past.

Or, the way I reacted to the problems in the family. I feel that I am no longer trying to fix stuff. It was, of course an effort not to treat my sisters and brother like children anymore. They are adults now, and the realisation has helped me to let them go, and be their own person. And they are their own persons, and I am proud of them.

It’s just…

Being the eldest in the family, there’s always this feeling of wanting to protect my sisters and brother. They probably don’t need my protection, not anymore. But it is always ingrained in me, the sisterly tough love to them. And, to be honest, this is probably the closest I could ever be to parenthood, so… IF they read this, I hope they understand if I was mummying them. (No, there’s a difference between mummying, and mummifying. Pay attention!)

Anyway. One thing doesn’t change though…


As the closing of today’s post, I will present you: THE FOOD

img_2714 img_2725 img_2764 img_2787


Eating My Papaya


Okay… I will admit that it is a stupid title. But papaya is all I could think of as I just had a box full of papaya so I hope you don’t mind. And, how did I get papaya in the UK? Well, there are papayas in the UK, obviously. But no, I am not having papaya in the UK. I am in Indonesia right now. Home.

It is a sudden decision. I am quite surprised with this myself. I am not known for being impulsive. Usually my decision will have to go through a series of thought process before finally taking place. This one, it is purely emotional.

I think it started with the new year blues where I would like to have a kind of celebration, but ended up sulking at home. I told my mother a little about how I would like to be in Solo when we are celebrating Chinese New Year. The problems are: 1. Mr. Fix-It would not be able to go with us, and 2. His Birthday would only be a couple of days from this year’s CNY. So it would be a tricky matter.

My mum said: “Worry not, just plan a holiday and come home”

I think it was my dad’s idea. But dad likes using mum’s mouth to voice his idea. Oh well, every marriage has its own dynamics, doesn’t it?

So few weeks ago I planned my visit. In my plan, I would like to stay for a few days in Jakarta so that I can meet up with some old friends. It didn’t work, because of the reasons you might have known. The day when I took off from Norwich, terrorists bombed Jakarta.

What a bunch of nasty pile of slimy shits!

My dad was panic, and sent a direct order for me to get the first (Garuda and only Garuda) flight I could get. So after a long 18 hour journey, and a day rest, I flew to Solo.

There… It is where I am now eating my papaya.


Hari Pertama Kerja, Apa Kabar Bybyq?


Ya! Hari ini adalah hari pertama saya bekerja sebagai seorang portal manager. Sebenarnya hari ini saya lebih banyak belajar daripada bekerja sih, tapi seperti itulah kira-kira yang dinamakan dengan hari pertama kerja beneran. Jadi, maaf ya kalau tadi YM nya ada yang ga dibales, karena saya sedang diskusi dan lagi banyak nanya sama bos saya.

Memang sih, hari ini saya belum ke kantor, karena pekerjaan saya hari ini bisa dilakukan di rumah. Baik yah perusahaan di tempat saya bekerja? Dan, saya baru mulai benar-benar masuk ke kantor nanti pada tanggal 19. I’ll keep you guys updated. Tapi jangan salah, meskipun saya bekerja dari rumah, saya tetap harus online sesuai jam kantor, dan meskipun tidak ada yang mengawasi harus tetap profesional. (artinya dari jam 8 pagi sampe jam 5 sore, kecuali jam makan siang, saya tidak bekerja sambil nonton tipi atau sambil buka facebook).

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