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Superbyq is Moving… Again…


I don’t know why but it seems that I have never learned my lessons. But forgive me, that after all these five years with me, you will have to listen again how frustrating it is to move my blog from one place to another. Yes… I am moving Superbyq from iPage.

First of all, I am moving superbyq to wordpress.com. Few days ago iPage sent me an invoice for my incoming renewal — yes I was aware that it was that time of the year again. But unlike so many others, I do read my e-mails, and realised that in that invoice they said that they were going to charge me £250++ for two years service. That is outrageous really.

I can understand if they need to raise the price. It is understandable that the price could not stay there forever. But bumping price from £56+ for two year to £250+? That is just preposterous. I am not having it. I did not even want to know how they dared to bump the price 4x the original price. I just thought it was an unfair business trick, as I know some amateur blogger like me would probably stop looking around for a new web hosting, or not reading their bank statement, or e-mails. But not me. I am basically a blogger without a regular income, I do care about every single penny come out from my wallet. So £250+?? Go eat dirt…

That’s how I moved my blog…  here. For now (when I wrote this), this blog is called superbyqcom.wordpress.com. I admit I could have had something nicer for the name, but oh well… I believe it would only be temporary anyway. I would map (I really don’t know the technicality of this), superbyq.com so… by the end of the process you would be able to go to superbyq.com like usual. Sorry for the incovenience…

I realised that my domain name service is about to end as well… so I decided that I might as well cut off my relationship once and for all from iPage and go to GoDaddy instead.

Right… I thought iPage customer service was awesome. They’re quick, and they solved problems. They were polite and helpful. But gee, GoDaddy’s customer service was top notch. They were friendly, helpful, and managed to calm me down, because… you see… moving Superbyq has always been stressful experience for me. And this one is definitely not an exception.

As much as I love being treated with all that formality, I think for this particular case I would like someone who can explain to me with the commoners’ language. I have to say that GoDaddy’s customer service who chatted with me at that time — Tyler (yes I remember because he was incredibly nice to me at that time). I suppose Tyler is a guy, so I would not expect him to look like this:

Okay. This is probably too early to say that GoDaddy is better than iPage. Because one weird thing about their page is that at first, I could find the chat button. So I could chat with them… typey-typey. But then, when I tried to talk to them again, I cannot find the button again. So I had to phone up to ask about my problem. For someone who hates talking on the phone, this is quite frustrating. Luckily the guy on the other side of the line was quite friendly and patient enough to explain what’s going on with my domain transfer.

Right. I will see you again. And I hope next time I will see you in the new Superbyq.com — instead of superbyqcom.wordpress.com. Not that I think [insertyourwebsitehere].wordpress.com is a bad thing… but… oh well. I should shut up.





Ternyataeternyata, tanpa gwe sadari blog ini sudah mencapai umurnya yang satu bulan. Dan menghasilkan lebih dari 30 entry, yang bisa disimpulkan bahwa rata-rata entry blog ini lebih dari 1 postingan sehari. Amazing bukan? Ternyata bagaimanapun gwe lebih rajin ngeblog daripada nulis skripsi. *dibantai*

Berhubung gwe kelewatan hari ulang tahun blog ini yang sebenernya, maka bagi yang hobi berburu traktiran gwe hanya bisa mengatakan bahwa anda belum beruntung. Coba lagi, mungkin bulan depan anda bisa mendapatkan traktiran. Jangan lupa ingetin gwe kalo blog ini hampir dua bulan nanti yah…

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Ada Apa Ini?


Seharian setelah pulang ngedate sama si Monyed gwe berusaha untuk mengakses superbyq. Entah kenapa gwe sama sekali nggak bisa masuk, mungkin ada yang mengalami hal yang sama dengan gwe saat mau mengakses superbyq kemarin?

Dan akhirnya gwe menyerah dan memutuskan untuk tidur aja, tapi itu nggak berlangsung lama karena gwe penasaran ada apa dengan blog ini sampai nggak bisa dibuka. Jadi gwe pun mengirimkan support ticket ke hosting.

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