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Women And Hobbies


One of my friend posted this link from MGOTW on his facebook page. This is the link if you would like to click, and if you don’t this is the summary:

It is basically a discussion thread asking why WOMEN don’t have hobbies and lack of creativity. The question was asked by a man, and it was answered mostly by men who agreed with him. The thread was basically discuss how women (or specifically women that these guys have known in person) don’t (or if they do, it would be rarely) involved in any activities other than gossiping (which they usually call “hanging out with the girls”), or stuffing themselves with cake while watching TV, or nagging their other half because they want attention.

Hold on.

I didn’t say that it is 100 percent true.

Afterall, the discussion is in MGOTW, where most users there are likely to have an issue with women in general. If I was a Freudian, I would assume that their mums had tried to breastfed them with lemon concentrate when they were still an infant, making them so bitter about women. So, if you did click the link and were feeling slightly upset… please. It is MGOTW, take anything you read there with a pinch of salt.

But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about what they’re saying though. There’s a reason why lots of people believe that women don’t have hobbies. Even women themselves agree to a degree that their peers seem to be lacking in this department.

Before I continue, I have to say that I have exclude the UK in general. I learned from my years being here, that this country is the “United Kingdom of Hobbyists”. It seems men, women, old, and young… everybody has a hobby. One at least. From stamp collecting, to trainspotting, from Magic The Gathering, to knit, and crocheting… you name it. They have it.

However if I see my friends in Indonesia — female friends, albeit I don’t have many. Ah, even my female family members. It seems that they don’t understand what a hobby is about.

Most of them love being online, looking at interesting stuff in video and repost and reshare, and tag people who actually have hobbies. “Bikin ini dong” (make me this, please). Or making a ridiculous comment about how my cooking and knitting hobby is what define me as a good housewife. Most of them don’t understand that people do stuff just for the sake of it.

People like being solitary, and being passionate about something. People do that to have fun. It doesn’t have to be the man-style hobbies like boxing, fishing, rock climbing. It doesn’t have to be too geeky like gaming, or train modelling. It is something that you do.

Most women I know don’t do this. Even my own mother thinks that hobby is a waste of time. She thought she gardens as a hobby, but to be honest, she just ask someone to do the garden while she enjoys looking at it. She doesn’t read, let alone write. She doesn’t cook, let alone experimenting with baking. But of course… My father is the same.

I don’t think it is all gender related. It is mostly cultural too. My grandfather is a big music buff, he wouldn’t spend a day away from our electric organ, he’s a greenfinger too — a proper one, you could see him on the garden tending our mango trees. My grandmother loves cooking, but she mostly do it as a part of daily chore. I am not sure if it is her hobby, or it is just something she should do because she likes feeding the family.

My sister loves tennis, like my grandfather. If she wasn’t pregnant she would have gone to the court at least twice a week. My other sister… she has a bunch of hobbies from crafting to mountain climbing. My brother on the other hand… I think he’s more like my father. He does game a bit, but I have never seen him with a particular hobby.

See? It is not a gender related thing. It is also cultural, and I believe economic factor plays a big role in it. My parents grew up when things were difficult, so it is impossible to develop a hobby because hobby takes money. I think human character plays a role too, because I found some people just don’t have this kind of passion some other has.

I think introvert people are more likely to develop a hobby because they have time for themselves. They will have time to consider things that they actually like doing, rather than doing things because their pals doing it too.


What’s your hobby?





If you haven’t heard about Yuyun, you are probably the lucky one. I wish I could keep you from knowing who was Yuyun and what had happened to her, but I couldn’t. And I shouldn’t. So, before I even begin, I would like to apologise if this particular post ruins your beautiful day.


Yuyun was a 14 year old, Indonesian middle school girl who was allegedly kidnapped and gang raped by fourteen boys. She was on her way back from school that day, and she never made it home.

I don’t know what is different from this particular case, that it has got the mainstream media attention. Is it because that she is still really really young? Is it because the number of rapists? Is it because the fact that she was killed on the scene? Or… Is it because it is time for Indonesian people to recognise that we do have rape culture in our society? — so I hope.

Since I was really young, I was taught to dress modestly by my parents. Girls would have to wear a vest underneath their white shirts so if the shirt happens to be see-through they wouldn’t inadvertently showed off their underwear. My mum would wear petticoat when wearing light coloured skirt or dress, or something that slightly fitting to avoid indecent exposure. Can you imagine how hot it was wearing all those layers in a tropical country like Indonesia.

Very. That’s the answer.

But we did it. I don’t mind doing it at school as it is a part of a uniform and most of the time we will be indoor. But we did it outside the school. And what is it for? To prevent the unwanted. To protect ourselves from being a victim, because we know… we know exactly what would happen when we become a victim.

We will be blamed because we are not wearing enough layer. Or that our skirts are few centimetres too short than the decent length. We will be blamed for walking alone. Especially after dark. Because good women would cover themselves up, and not being seen outside without chaperones. And bad women? Well… they’re asking for it.

Now… that’s depressing, isn’t it? That’s why I am so lucky.

I got away.

But that couldn’t be the solution for millions of women in Indonesia (and many other countries like Indonesia). Not everybody could get away from that kind of situation.


Maybe Yuyun case is different.

If there should be a silver lining from this terribly sad story, it must be that this could be the turning point for Indonesia and law to protect women in this country. Maybe Yuyun would be the Indonesian equivalent for the Indian Jyoti Singh. Maybe this time everybody will take action.

One can only hope.


Racist Or Not Racist…


That’s the question…

Of course I am talking about one of Indonesian Ambassador who few days ago posted a tweet that is considered as racist. Well… Okay. He said “Cina” in his tweet.

And why is this a problem?

Some people don’t consider using the word “Cina” to refer to Chinese Indonesian as a racist comment. But, the word “Cina” is the equivalent of the N word in the USA. If it is said by an African American, it is fine (sort of), but when a White American said it… it is improper. Same with the C word in Indonesia.

It is historical. It is cultural. Lots of people haven’t gotten over it as it has a negative connotative for being used as a derogative term for minority group.

So… when someone with the position like this Mr. Ambassador said the C word in public space, with or without malice, it is considered as a political blunder. A huge one, if I must say.

But here’s the thing.

I, for once, am not a PC Police. I don’t go around the social media attacking people who made the slightest social or cultural faux pas. I don’t even care about political correctness if it is about telling facts. So, I am not going to follow the crowd and condemn this tweet. I consider this as a PR crisis. Told you many years ago that these politicians need to hire people like me to manage their bloody social media. But nobody listens *rolleyes*.

And what if it is not a PR crisis? What if it is not a political blunder? What if this tweet is not just a mistake, but a reflection of how racist this guy is? So what?

I can’t make someone to be not-racist. Nobody can make someone to be not-racist, and it is the same the other way around. Can you… if you are not a racist, be made racist? No.

There is a place inside your brain that nobody can touch. It is where you are truly free, to be yourself. There is no right and wrong about the thing in your head. And if you have a certain idea about something or someone, that is your perception based on your own experience, based on what you’ve heard or seen. There is no such thing as thought crime.


Generalisation. Stereotyping. The kind of thing that you consider so bad is actually the way our brain work to simplify our lives. It is one of our basic instinct and survival tool. It is in the nature. It is been there to help us making sense of the world.

In the past mankind generalise animal as either prey or predator. That’s how they choose which animals they can eat and which one they should avoid. That’s survival. They classified plants to help them understanding the nature. Race, ethnicity… it is how we try to make sense of human’s uniqueness. It helps some people, to reduce the feeling of unknown.

This is humane. And this is what many PC polices don’t understand.

Some people just can’t help being racist. Especially in Indonesia where it is rooted, and where it is being taught from generation to generation. It has been drilled to people’s mind and being reinforced by radical groups. It is something that you can only hope will change slowly. It is not something that you can change overnight.

Heck.. we just start recognising this in Indonesia since 1998. We still have a long way to go.

Don’t get me wrong.

It does hurt when I read or listen to this kind of aggression. Micro or macro, it doesn’t matter. It still hurt no matter how much understanding you could give to these people. Sometimes even, I would retaliate, but most of the time, I’d rather write.

Like this.

Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe, it could help people to understand too.



Film Review: Halbe Brüder


Title: Halbe Brüder
Year: 2015
Director: Christian Alvart
Actors: Sido, Peri Baumeister, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht
Genre: Comedy
Language: Deutsch with English subtitles

Julian, Yassin, and Addi never crossed path before in the past, but one day they were gathered in a lawyer’s office just to be told that they were half brothers from their mother’s side. They were also told that they have got an inheritance, but only be given one clue how to get to it. So, the three men embarked on a journey of a lifetime as brothers.

I watched this film during my flight to Indonesia. Since my German was very much limited, I found the English subtitles helped a lot. I grew up reading subtitles, so it did not bothered me for one bit. However, I also know that for some native English speakers, the existence of subtitles could spoiled the fun of watching films — or just simply disturbing. But honestly, not watching this film just because it is subtitled… you’re missing something.

This is definitely a good comedy film. Like many comedy films, the storyline was just not logical. You cannot use your logic to make sense of some stuff in this film. It is not supposed to do that. Instead, it will make you say: “oh my dog… really??”, and laughed. And, no.. it is not that kind of “borderline bad cheesy” actions or “outrageously rude slapstick” either.

I cannot say much about the actors. I haven’t watched many German films (as much as I want to — I believe it would helped me in learning German better), so I don’t know many German actors. But these three main characters were definitely portrayed really well by these three actors. I wonder if they are the equivalent of Nicholas Saputra or Reza Rahardian in Indonesia — really good, but not yet go international.

It is not meant to be heavy, or deep. It does not promise you a good moral of the story. It does not try to confuse you with plot twists or anything like that. I believe its sole purpose of being made is pure entertainment. And it worked really well. It was enjoyable to watch, it definitely made my flight much more bearable, and it stuck in my head.

Again, I know that lots of people have problems with subtitles, but I will say it again that not watching a good film just because you cannot be bothered to read subtitles means you are missing so many good things in life. So, I will recommend Halbe Brüder, especially for these kind of people. It is light, it is not difficult to follow, and it is a good film. Who knows in the end of the film you suddenly want to learn German? There are lots of people want to learn Japanese because they watch animes.

I also will recommend this to other people. Like I said, it is good film, and definitely worth watching — as I rated it 4.5 out of 5. However, it is not for children though, as there are explicit words, sex scenes, blood, etc. Don’t say that I haven’t warned you 🙂


Superbyq is Moving… Again…


I don’t know why but it seems that I have never learned my lessons. But forgive me, that after all these five years with me, you will have to listen again how frustrating it is to move my blog from one place to another. Yes… I am moving Superbyq from iPage.

First of all, I am moving superbyq to wordpress.com. Few days ago iPage sent me an invoice for my incoming renewal — yes I was aware that it was that time of the year again. But unlike so many others, I do read my e-mails, and realised that in that invoice they said that they were going to charge me £250++ for two years service. That is outrageous really.

I can understand if they need to raise the price. It is understandable that the price could not stay there forever. But bumping price from £56+ for two year to £250+? That is just preposterous. I am not having it. I did not even want to know how they dared to bump the price 4x the original price. I just thought it was an unfair business trick, as I know some amateur blogger like me would probably stop looking around for a new web hosting, or not reading their bank statement, or e-mails. But not me. I am basically a blogger without a regular income, I do care about every single penny come out from my wallet. So £250+?? Go eat dirt…

That’s how I moved my blog…  here. For now (when I wrote this), this blog is called superbyqcom.wordpress.com. I admit I could have had something nicer for the name, but oh well… I believe it would only be temporary anyway. I would map (I really don’t know the technicality of this), superbyq.com so… by the end of the process you would be able to go to superbyq.com like usual. Sorry for the incovenience…

I realised that my domain name service is about to end as well… so I decided that I might as well cut off my relationship once and for all from iPage and go to GoDaddy instead.

Right… I thought iPage customer service was awesome. They’re quick, and they solved problems. They were polite and helpful. But gee, GoDaddy’s customer service was top notch. They were friendly, helpful, and managed to calm me down, because… you see… moving Superbyq has always been stressful experience for me. And this one is definitely not an exception.

As much as I love being treated with all that formality, I think for this particular case I would like someone who can explain to me with the commoners’ language. I have to say that GoDaddy’s customer service who chatted with me at that time — Tyler (yes I remember because he was incredibly nice to me at that time). I suppose Tyler is a guy, so I would not expect him to look like this:

Okay. This is probably too early to say that GoDaddy is better than iPage. Because one weird thing about their page is that at first, I could find the chat button. So I could chat with them… typey-typey. But then, when I tried to talk to them again, I cannot find the button again. So I had to phone up to ask about my problem. For someone who hates talking on the phone, this is quite frustrating. Luckily the guy on the other side of the line was quite friendly and patient enough to explain what’s going on with my domain transfer.

Right. I will see you again. And I hope next time I will see you in the new Superbyq.com — instead of superbyqcom.wordpress.com. Not that I think [insertyourwebsitehere].wordpress.com is a bad thing… but… oh well. I should shut up.


Film Review: The Hateful Eight


Title: The Hateful Eight
Year: 2015
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Actors: Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Channing Tatum

Since I was never a Tarantino’s fan, I dismissed this film when I saw the teaser. However I did not say no when my brother in law said he’s going to treat my sister and I to the cinema, and watch this film. After all, I quite enjoyed Inglorious Bastards (come to think of it, I haven’t written its review, have I?), it could be that good — I thought.

The premise is that in the middle of a nasty winter in Wyoming, eight travellers stuck together in a little cabin because of the storm coming. Two bounty hunters, one prisoner, a war veteran, a new sheriff in town, a public executioner, a coachman, and a cowboy coming home to see his mum for Christmas. What could go wrong?

Well, it is Tarantino’s film, everything could go wrong, so there will be no surprise in it. What is a surprise was that I enjoyed the film thoroughly. It was slightly draggy for the first ten minutes, but then things escalated pretty quickly and I got really absorbed in the story. It was exciting, and well… it is understandable that it was rated 21+ — even with Indonesian butchering style censorship it was still pretty gory for your little ones, so just leave them with your mum.

I found Samuel L Jackson as the star of the film. He was awesome, funny, witty, and was pretty much owned everybody else in the film. I expected more from Channing Tatum but I don’t mind with his appearance. Kurt Russell though, I almost can’t recognise him, and he was good too — but again I think Samuel Jackson owned everybody else in this film.

I can’t compare it with other Tarantino’s films because I don’t watch many of them, but I can say that it was a good film. It was definitely entertaining and it doesn’t hold back at all. It has all things un-PC, so if you are a bit twitchy about that this is probably not your cup of tea. It has a lot of swear words and blood gushing scenes, so if you are into a sweet and lovey dovey drama, you might want to skip this one too.

Having said that, if you are 21 years or older, and you want to watch something worth your money on weekend in the cinema, I could recommend this– but not for first date unless you know your date like films like Kingsman or Die Hard, this might be a good choice. No, I don’t give warranty, you cheeky bastards.

My verdict is 4 out of 5.

365 Days of Wedding Proposal


When I found the link on my facebook feed, my reaction was… Aw shit. I felt even worse when my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link to see what the fuss was about. I am not going to torture you and your internet connection by embedding the whole video here, but if you have not yet the fortune to stumble upon this particular video and you would like some, you can click it here.

I am going to just spoil the shit of everything, because I do not think that there was much about the video. But, again, I would give you the chance to just clicked away and watch the video first (if you wish) before you continue reading.



You done?

Here we go. Basically the video is about a man who wanted to propose his lady, Jennifer. One day he decided, that he was going to make a secret proposal to his girlfriend everyday for a year, from her 2014 birthday, to her 2015 birthday. Some of you who have not yet watched the video would say… aaw, that was a sweet gesture. Well… I do not blame you for doing that, after all the title has got a disclaimer that warned you that this video MIGHT make you cry.

I can only make myself watch the first 10 or 12 proposals, then I just skipped the whole year because it was pretty much that. Basically a repetitive question asked again and again, until the last day, on the girl’s birthday, he asked the last question. She basically said yes, because she was probably like that guy enough, and being videoed and all… in public, how could she be a bitch and say no? Shotgun proposal that is.


In the end of the video, I thought I must have been a terrible person for not even a millimetre moved by the video, let alone cry. But the comments restored my faith in humanity… a little. I was not the only one feeling uncomfortable with the video.

Woo hoo…

Personally for me, there are too many things went wrong with the video. Using “Marry You” song in the background killed my patience in the beginning of the video (that was why I skipped and muted it altogether, if I got proposed with that shitty song… well, I would not even date anyone who liked that song to begin with), the annoying “pester power” by asking the same question again and again without actually giving me a reason why I should marry that twat — i mean, if he ask me to marry him 365 times in a year, at least he could give me 365 reasons to do that, and the fact that he did it by surprising her in public.

I hate shotgun proposal.

Putting a girl in the centre of attention, asking her to get married, is HORRIBLE. I tell you.

You are shifting the whole responsibility to her, and what if she did not marry you? Saying no in public and humiliate you will make her a bitch. Saying yes just to save your face and cancel the wedding would make her a bitch. Saying she will think about it will make her a bitch. But actually, you are the irresponsible tw*t who in the name of romance and chivalry thought that your girl is the luckiest girl in the world since you did some effort to propose.

If you think proposing needs efforts, you need to do better in marriage.

There, I said it. I hate that video. I think the 9gaggers proposal video was as bad, but at least it was funny. But of course my favourite was the man who got rejected after buying 99 iphone 6 to propose a woman.



Bybyq Had A Walk…



The weather outside was not appealing enough for me to go out and physically walk. After all, I have not gone blogwalking for years now, and that’s probably I have not gained many blogging friends lately. Anyway, I stumbled upon this interesting blog, owned by a guy. I have not seen many blogs maintained by guys nowadays, so seeing one was definitely refreshing.

It was a nice, clean cut blog –which I like, since I don’t like blog with too many widgets that would confuse the shit out of visitors, no embeded video nor music — which is awesome, because there’s nothing more annoying than being forced to listen to something you do not particularly interested in, and still updated. Of course, written in Indonesian, with slight Raditya Dika’s Kambing Jantan humour, it has a lot of readers, and commentators. It was a very dynamic blog.

There was this other blog, written by a very young girl. I think I visited her blog a very long time ago. I was not sure why I did not end up talking or leaving comment at her blog, but when I read some of her articles, I knew why. This one is loud, abrasive, and it just sound… crass. I could not put my finger on it, but there is something that I do not feel fit about this other one. But of course, although she did not have as much comments as the male blogger I mentioned before, it seems that she has been writing for years too.

And also one particular blog that I visited, because I knew the owner — but have not talked to her for years (which is maybe a good idea). Apparently she has not yet changed much (in writing), still as literate as before, and now I think she developed interests in Korean beauty products too. Hmm… I noticed she is just getting even prettier than the last time I saw her. Oh nom nom.


Blogwalking made me think about my own blog.

I realised that most people that is still blogging today, has been blogging since the day before blogging was considered cool — and not cool again. They have changed. They evolved. As a human being, and also as a blogger. Somehow I feel proud that I have maintained my blog, and hoped that as a person, and as a blogger, I have grown up too.

Yes, I know Superbyq’s Birthday is still few weeks away, but I think this is just the perfect blog entry to celebrate superbyq’s 5 year anniversary.

I have a bottle of Bailey’s. You know what I am going to do next…


Cheers x

Akankah Blogging Jadi Trend (Lagi)?


Pertanyaan saya itu muncul, tidak lain adalah karena mulai disebut-sebutnya blog milik putra bungsu presiden Republik Indonesia, Kaesang Pangarep di banyak media massa. Blog yang diberi nama Mister Kacang, yang diunggah di platform blogspot itu rupanya telah menarik banyak perhatian pengguna internet di Indonesia, bukan hanya karena blog itu milik putra orang nomer satu di Indonesia, tapi juga karena kontennya yang lucu.

Kaesang memang sudah beberapa lama terkenal dengan celoteh kocaknya di media Twitter sejak lama, tapi setelah akun twitternya ditutup untuk publik (hanya bisa diakses oleh user tertentu saja), blognya yang diberi judul Diary Anak Kampung itu pun menjadi target netizen selanjutnya. Jurnal digital yang sudah ada sejak 2011 (lebih muda dari superbyq) itu pun jadi populer mengikuti pergantian statusnya yang semula anak gubernur, menjadi anak presiden.

Tidak ada yang terlalu politis di tulisan-tulisan Kaesang. Kisahnya tidak jauh berbeda dengan apa yang dulu kita baca di Kambing Jantan milik Raditya Dika, yang sekarang tidak lagi terkenal sebagai blogger kocak, namun sebagai penulis dan stand up comedian. Cerita yang ditulis tidak jauh-jauh dari kehidupan anak muda jaman sekarang, lengkap dengan curhat-curhat yang dibumbui dengan self-deprecation joke, seperti mengatai dirinya sendiri berwajah ndeso.


Kembali ke pertanyaan saya tadi, apakah popularitas Mister Kacang akan menyaingi Kambing Jantan? Tentu saja saya penasaran…

Kambing Jantan– terlepas dari apakah kita suka dengan humor ala Raditya Dika,telah menjadi tonggak sejarah per-bloggingan Indonesia. Atau setidaknya itulah yang saya rasakan. Blogger tidak lagi hanya sebagai platform curhat, tapi juga batu loncatan menjadi penulis betulan. Setelah Kambing Jantan, muncul pula blog-blog lain yang kemudian dibukukan seperti Naked Traveller, atau Sepoci Kopi. Bahkan Dewi Lestari, penulis buku kawakan yang sudah menerbitkan novel-novel berkualitas tidak ketinggalan kereta dengan memulai mempublish bukunya Perahu Kertas, bab demi bab di blog.

Tentu saja, berbeda dengan Kambing Jantan, Mister Kacang tidak diupdate secara reguler. Mungkin ada hubungannya dengan upaya untuk mengamankan keluarga presiden maka Kaesang tidak bisa seterbuka Dika dalam membeberkan detail kehidupan keluarganya. Tapi, entah kenapa Mister Kacang mengingatkan saya pada Kambing Jantan di masa jayanya dulu.

Laki-laki yang mengaku (atau merasa) tidak memiliki kelebihan secara fisik, curhat melalui tulisan di media digital, tidaklah lagi dianggap sebagai jomblo ngenes atau bahasa internasionalnya: forever alone. Sebagai celebrity blogger, mereka sekarang dimasukkan dalam kategori eligible bachelor dengan self deprecating humour yang menawan. Blogger tidak lagi dilabeli sebagai pecundang dunia nyata yang mencari fame di dunia online, tapi sebagai pribadi yang terbuka dan menarik, dan juga melek informasi dan teknologi. Geek becomes the new sexy… apalagi kalo pake ngegym kaya Kaesang.

Moral of the story: Kaesang, jangan putus asa. Ngebloglah lebih sering, seize the momentum. Inget yang jelek-jelek bisa dapet Sherina Munaf? You’re on the right track, Dude

Mengeluh Di PATH Bisa Dipenjara?


PATH adalah mobile apps yang saat ini sedang booming di kalangan pengguna smartphone di Indonesia. Path menawarkan privasi, dan keamanan dengan menghilangkan fitur repost, retweet atau share status yang memungkinkan seseorang untuk menyebarkan keluh kesah orang lain. Banyak orang berpikir bahwa hanya karena tidak adanya fitur-fitur ini, maka mengeluh di Path itu aman.

Tapi realitanya tidak begitu. Dengan fitur sceenshot yang dimiliki oleh smartphone, memungkinkan seseorang untuk tidak hanya menyebarkan isi keluhan, namun juga nama. Di saat kita dengan waspada atau dengan menggunakan nama alias di twitter atau facebook bisa berbicara dengan kesadaran bahwa apapun yang kita katakan dapat dibaca publik. Kewaspadaan itu hilang saat kita memposting itu

Apa yang salah?

Saya percaya bahwa keamanan berkeluh kesah di Path seharusnya dapat terjaga. Masalahnya adalah orang-orang mulai menambah orang-orang yang mereka bahkan tidak kenal ke dalam lingkaran pertemanan mereka di Path. Bagaimana kita bisa tahu siapa yang bisa kita percaya dengan keluh kesah kita kalau kita bahkan tidak mengenal orang-orang ini.

Btw, itu kenapa saya tidak meng-add beberapa orang yang sudah berada di friend request saya selama beberapa bulan. Antara rasa tidak enak mau menolak, dan rasa tidak aman menambahkan mereka ke deretan orang-orang yang bisa mengetahui di mana saya berada, ngapain, dengan siapa, dan apa yang saya pikirkan tentang seseorang yang lain, partai politik, pemerintah, kelompok, organisasi masa, figur publik, dan lain sebagainya. Saya hanya bingung apakah ini tidak pernah menjadi pertimbangan mereka yang tiba-tiba saja sudah punya 200 orang di deretan teman di Path. Apakah mereka percaya dengan semua orang itu?

Saya yakin itu pulalah yang terjadi pada seorang mahasiswa bernama I Wayan Hery C. Mahasiswa di Kota Palu ini mengeluhkan bahwa dirinya merasa terganggu dengan suara takbiran pada perayaan Idul Adha kemarin. Keluhannya di Path ini dicapture seseorang, tentu saja salah seorang yang ada di Path friendslistnya, dan disebarkan di facebook. Alhasil dia diciduk dengan tuduhan menghina dan menyebarkan kebencian di social media.

Ya, pastinya saya merasa sah-sah saja seseorang merasa terganggu saat mendengar suara berisik. Sama seperti saya merasa terganggu dengan tetangga saya yang sering menyetel lagu sangat keras, atau saya yang merasa terganggu kalau ada bayi menangis di transportasi umum di mana saya tidak bisa kabur dari situasi itu. Tentu saja terlepas dari pendapat saya mengenai betapa konyolnya tuduhan itu, saya merasa sangat tidak bijaksana menambahkan orang-orang yang tidak bisa kita percaya di Path.

Berita lengkapnya ada di sini:




Ya… ya..

Saya sudah kehilangan kepercayaan pada media-media di Indonesia yang suka membesar-besarkan masalah. Orang bilang “terganggu suara takbir”, diberitakannya “menghina agama”. Memang orang-orang golongan tertentu suka sensi sendiri kalau dibilang berisik. Wapres saja pernah mengeluh terganggu suara adzan di pidatonya, tapi beliau tidak pernah dibilang menistakan atau menghina agama kan? Namanya saja orang terganggu polusi suara…


Baiknya yang seperti ini jadi pelajaran saja. Saya jauh-jauh saja dari sana. Daah…