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Film Review: Halbe Brüder


Title: Halbe Brüder
Year: 2015
Director: Christian Alvart
Actors: Sido, Peri Baumeister, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht
Genre: Comedy
Language: Deutsch with English subtitles

Julian, Yassin, and Addi never crossed path before in the past, but one day they were gathered in a lawyer’s office just to be told that they were half brothers from their mother’s side. They were also told that they have got an inheritance, but only be given one clue how to get to it. So, the three men embarked on a journey of a lifetime as brothers.

I watched this film during my flight to Indonesia. Since my German was very much limited, I found the English subtitles helped a lot. I grew up reading subtitles, so it did not bothered me for one bit. However, I also know that for some native English speakers, the existence of subtitles could spoiled the fun of watching films — or just simply disturbing. But honestly, not watching this film just because it is subtitled… you’re missing something.

This is definitely a good comedy film. Like many comedy films, the storyline was just not logical. You cannot use your logic to make sense of some stuff in this film. It is not supposed to do that. Instead, it will make you say: “oh my dog… really??”, and laughed. And, no.. it is not that kind of “borderline bad cheesy” actions or “outrageously rude slapstick” either.

I cannot say much about the actors. I haven’t watched many German films (as much as I want to — I believe it would helped me in learning German better), so I don’t know many German actors. But these three main characters were definitely portrayed really well by these three actors. I wonder if they are the equivalent of Nicholas Saputra or Reza Rahardian in Indonesia — really good, but not yet go international.

It is not meant to be heavy, or deep. It does not promise you a good moral of the story. It does not try to confuse you with plot twists or anything like that. I believe its sole purpose of being made is pure entertainment. And it worked really well. It was enjoyable to watch, it definitely made my flight much more bearable, and it stuck in my head.

Again, I know that lots of people have problems with subtitles, but I will say it again that not watching a good film just because you cannot be bothered to read subtitles means you are missing so many good things in life. So, I will recommend Halbe Brüder, especially for these kind of people. It is light, it is not difficult to follow, and it is a good film. Who knows in the end of the film you suddenly want to learn German? There are lots of people want to learn Japanese because they watch animes.

I also will recommend this to other people. Like I said, it is good film, and definitely worth watching — as I rated it 4.5 out of 5. However, it is not for children though, as there are explicit words, sex scenes, blood, etc. Don’t say that I haven’t warned you 🙂



Film Review: The Hateful Eight


Title: The Hateful Eight
Year: 2015
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Actors: Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Channing Tatum

Since I was never a Tarantino’s fan, I dismissed this film when I saw the teaser. However I did not say no when my brother in law said he’s going to treat my sister and I to the cinema, and watch this film. After all, I quite enjoyed Inglorious Bastards (come to think of it, I haven’t written its review, have I?), it could be that good — I thought.

The premise is that in the middle of a nasty winter in Wyoming, eight travellers stuck together in a little cabin because of the storm coming. Two bounty hunters, one prisoner, a war veteran, a new sheriff in town, a public executioner, a coachman, and a cowboy coming home to see his mum for Christmas. What could go wrong?

Well, it is Tarantino’s film, everything could go wrong, so there will be no surprise in it. What is a surprise was that I enjoyed the film thoroughly. It was slightly draggy for the first ten minutes, but then things escalated pretty quickly and I got really absorbed in the story. It was exciting, and well… it is understandable that it was rated 21+ — even with Indonesian butchering style censorship it was still pretty gory for your little ones, so just leave them with your mum.

I found Samuel L Jackson as the star of the film. He was awesome, funny, witty, and was pretty much owned everybody else in the film. I expected more from Channing Tatum but I don’t mind with his appearance. Kurt Russell though, I almost can’t recognise him, and he was good too — but again I think Samuel Jackson owned everybody else in this film.

I can’t compare it with other Tarantino’s films because I don’t watch many of them, but I can say that it was a good film. It was definitely entertaining and it doesn’t hold back at all. It has all things un-PC, so if you are a bit twitchy about that this is probably not your cup of tea. It has a lot of swear words and blood gushing scenes, so if you are into a sweet and lovey dovey drama, you might want to skip this one too.

Having said that, if you are 21 years or older, and you want to watch something worth your money on weekend in the cinema, I could recommend this– but not for first date unless you know your date like films like Kingsman or Die Hard, this might be a good choice. No, I don’t give warranty, you cheeky bastards.

My verdict is 4 out of 5.



Tiba-tiba jagad twitter heboh dengan munculnya sebuah video yang menggambarkan ‘pertempuran’ paling panas di Indonesia Raya setelah “Bandung Lautan Api”. Ealah, ternyata urusan video pornonya Luna Maya versus Ariel Peter Pan. Tidak berapa lama kemudian menyusul serangan susulan dari Ariel, berupa video yang tidak kalah serunya, kali ini bersama Cut Tari.

Desas desusnya sih, masih ada banyak video serupa yang dibuat oleh vokalis band tersebut yang tersebar di penjuru dunia maya. Meskipun semua pihak yang terlibat mengaku bahwa ‘aktor dan aktris’ dalam film independen tersebut bukan mereka, tapi kebanyakan orang mengaku bahwa mereka yakin, bahwa memang benar Luna Maya, Ariel Peterpan dan Cut Tari lah yang ada dalam video tersebut.

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The Road


Title: The Road
Casts: Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron


When the universe is dying, it is hard to stay sane. Food is rare, no animals alive, and the trees are going dry. It is almost impossible to find clean water to drink, and a safe place to live. It is the end of humanity, when some people decided to eat their kind.

A father, took his son on a journey to the south, to get to a warmer place to survive another merciless winter. On the journey, they met many dangers and not only have to fight the nature and the bad guys along the way, they have to most of the time fight themselves.

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An Education


Title: An Education
(Movie, Drama)


A young, smart and beautiful 16 years old girl thought she found the life she’s been looking for. For all the time she was just a girl whose life was controlled by a father who decided how life should be. The boring life instantly changed when she met an older man, who introduced her to the lively life.

After her 17th birthday, she was proposed for a marriage, and faced to the choice of a lifetime.

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Everybody’s Fine


Title: Everybody’s Fine
Starring: Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale
(Movie, drama)


After the death of his wife, Frank Goode, a father of four started to feel distant to his children. One weekend, suddenly all of them cancelled their visit, and Frank thought it would be nice if he came to them instead. So he decided to take the journey across country just to meet his sons and daughter one by one.

Started from David the artist, Amy the successful advertising agency director, Robert who plays in the orchestra and end his journey with Rosie who lives in Vegas. Frank found that there’s so many thing he doesn’t know about his children.

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Astro Boy


Title: Astro Boy


After the death of her son, Toby, dr. Tenma the Chief Secretary of Science Department decided to make a robot as the replica of him. He used the special energy source to bring it alive, but a wicked leader of Metro City wanted the energy source to be used for military weapon.

Toby ran away to the Surface and made friends with kids there but it didn’t last long because his identity as a robot discovered, and he was captured and brought to Metro City.

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