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What Does it Mean to Downsize?


After working with WordPress.org for so many years, I found working with the free version of WordPress.com quite challenging. I agree that some of the features are quite helpful — the stats, the notification, etc. But those are nothing considering what I lost by “downsizing”.

Yes, I consider moving to free WordPress.com from WordPress.org as downsizing, and I don’t mind doing that for now since financially, it is just the right thing to do. And of course, just like many people who have to significantly change their lifestyle after a financial hit, I do need to readjust things:

I found that the “theme” options are not as vary as what I used to have. They are not as customisable either. So are the widgets… I used to have plenty of them, customisable and all– for my blogroll feed, etc. But now I have to settle down with the “standards”. So far it is okay, except that I might have to remove the little amazon.co.uk affiliate link that I used to have lurking around the corner.

Some widgets like the old blogroll feed I had was somewhat important to me. It helped me a lot in tracking which blog I follow is posting an update without having them sent to my e-mail. It is gone now, and I realised that some of the links I had had to be removed since they are now inactive. I don’t like that, but again, it is something that has to be done.

It is exactly like how people has to readjust after a financial hit, or retirement. They sold their big family home, and move to a small home for two. Making a more sensible purchasing decisions instead of splurging in a outrageous luxuries. I mean, I’ve been through this before, and I will be able to do this again.

But you have a job now, you ask. Yes I do have a job. But whether or not I think this is a good and rewarding job for me or not, I was warned in the beginning of the job not to post anything damning online — which could backfire legally for me. So, I will leave it like that, while looking a better rewarding job 🙂 But until then… Yes. This would be SuperByq for now.

Argh! Enough with this doom and gloom thing. I realised that I have been so productive in the beginning of this year. It is just my German that needs a bit of picking up. Remember my goal in the end of this year? Being able to speak German, and one other language — I am still considering which one. So, I will finish this entry by wishing you all the best of luck.



Don’t Be Gay in Indonesia!?!


I thought we were past this now, and I cannot believe that today, in 2016 I have to write about LGBT again. *deep sigh* *find a happy place*


I tried to find articles about LGBT I have written in the past. I couldn’t find them. Do you know why? Probably, I have never written about LGBT before. And do you know why? Maybe, in the past people were not such an asshole like people in Indonesia today. Maybe in the past, despite of their opinion about us, they would just leave us alone. Or maybe in the past, people were nicer without so called religions.

from upi.com

I don’t know. All I know is that now media tried to picture us as the bad guy of the universe. Not the people who bombed buildings, not terrorists who ran around shooting police officers, not the group of people who destroy buildings and businesses in the name of their oh-so-mighty-god. Oh no… not the religious leaders who molested their apprentices/students-whatever, not the wife beating abusive father drunken thug who litters on the street. No. The enemy is us… What a sick, twisted mind, that could produce such an ignorant conclusion – thinking that LGBT is a problem?

Or maybe they just don’t think? You know… thinking is a sign of intelligence. Considering Indonesian’s average IQ is only 87 — and there are ten of thousands of us with IQ more than 100 (with some people with IQ more than 130 in Mensa Indonesia), there must be millions of people with IQ lower than 80. It is borderline intellectual functioning. Isn’t it? No wonder they are just so dense… no wonder they failed to contemplate this:

Translated from Bahasa Indonesia: “if a GAY sexually abuses someone, people blame their GAY-ness. Why is it that if a STRAIGHT does the same, it is the individual that gets the blame? (Why don’t you blame their STRAIGHT-ness – as the reason why they sexually abuse people?)

It is 2016. It’s been 10 years since I got acquainted with LGBT communities — from si Onyed, obviously. Superbyq is about to have it’s 6th anniversary. It’s been more than 4 years since I left Indonesia, and almost 2 years of being married. And Indonesia… is going backwards, instead of catching up with other civilised countries. What the F is going on?

Our Minister of Research and Technology made a statement about banning LGBT from campuses. Our so called Mental Health practitioner “revised” the universally acknowledged DSM to his own version and called homosexuals and transgenders as mentally ill. Now, not only the so called religion of peace are making long marches to demonstrate their ignorance on the street, the other religions are following their footstep in the bigotry lane.

If several days ago, Mr. Fix-It and I had the “what if” idea, and thinking of coming back to Indonesia and live there. Now, I don’t think that is the case. I don’t want to live in Indonesia. I don’t think I could live among these people. I don’t think I could survive living among these idea. I don’t think, I could give up my freedom of being me, and going back to where I have to deny my own identity.

I am so glad that in Indonesia we still have people like MerryDT who is still trying to educate these bunch of dimwits — because I have to admit, I don’t have the patience to face these kind of people. People like her are the reason I can still have hope that this country could bounce back and catch up with modern civilisation. But, until then, I would rather stay here where I could raise my rainbow flag, wave it around with pride.

Like I said before… this is a grim time to be an Indonesian.


No Uterus, No Opinion


** disclaimer: lots of swear words, so if you don’t like it you can get the fuck out**

One of the reasons why I would like to spend weeks in Indonesia is because I want to see a Gynaecologist. I have been waiting for about three months to get a coil inserted, but I haven’t got one until today. And I am tired of taking pills. It has changed my mood, changed my body, and I just found out today that I have gained at least 8 kgs. I know that waiting is not an option for me, I just want to get this over with and move on to the better part of my life.

So I saw a Gynaecologist today. Told him that I want to get a coil inserted. I have done my homework, done my research. I know the pro and cons, and I know the possible pain and also possible side effects. I know almost everything I need to know before I see the doctor. And I bloody know that that bloody thing can be installed inside my fuckin womb any time of the day. ANY FUCKING TIME.

and this is the link: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/birth-control/iud

This so called Gynaecologist is my mum’s doctor. It is said that he is one of the best in my hometown. Maybe. Maybe it is because he is one of the oldest, so he has got more experience in his hand. But now you have a clue that he’s probably not the best for me.

He is a guy.

He is old.

Old guy doesn’t know what a woman my age needs, and wants. I WANT a copper coil to be stuck in my womb, because I NEED to make sure I am not going to get pregnant. And he doesn’t understand it. He kept mentioning that I am not 30, and that I might want to have a child first before going ahead with the idea of contraception. Why the fuck I am seeing him for a bloody IUD if I want to have a fucking child?

I am fumed now. So pardon my language.

He kept asking about my husband and whether he wants a child or not. Why the fuck everybody asks about his decision? This is my fucking womb and I make the fucking decision. Can’t his bloody brain process that fucking little information? Of course not. My womb, my decision. My womb, my decision. It will be my decision if I would like to let a life sucking parasites growing inside me for a nine fucking months or not. Not people around me. Especially not men.

I started to realised that the lights in the end of the tunnel might be the train coming towards me when the doctor told me that he could only do it when I am having period. I know my request to him to make me infertile is futile because I know he is lying. I CAN get the coil inserted any times of the month. Any fucking time. It might be a little bit painful, but I knew it already.

He also emphasised on how painful it could be when it is inserted to someone who has not yet have a child. I knew it too. Like I said, I have done my homework. Afterall, talking about pain… giving birth to babies is more painful than any coil insertion, I suppose?

I asked about a more permanent solution — fertilisation. And he just rejected the idea outright. Maybe the light in the end of the tunnel is really a train.

I went home with horrible feeling. I had some much hope. I have never had any thought of self harming until the day the doctor sent me home without any assurance on when I could get the coil done for me. I thought of stabbing myself in the stomach to damage the womb permanently, or the ovary, or whatever, so that the doctor would have to take it away from me. I don’t want it. I want it go away.

So… What am I going to do now?

I am not going to take more pills. And, I am going to find a way to get myself impregnable. One way or another. And if there’s any one of you have anything against this decision, I have a knock knock game for you.

Me: Knock! Knock!
You: Who’s there?
Me: Nona
You: Nona who?
Me: Nona your business you motherfucker…


Missing My Updates?


Ya kan? Ya kan?

Baiklah, mumpung saya lagi kepingin untuk mengupdate, sebaiknya kalian siap-siap karena ini akan menjadi satu entry yang panjang dan lama. Sedikit menyedihkan dan menyakitkan bagi saya yang menulisnya, tapi saya harap akan worth the time 😀

Pertama-tama saya harus mengucapkan “fuck google”!

Salah satu google account saya dihapus oleh google entah apa sebabnya. Yang pasti sekarang account tersebut, yang sengaja saya buat untuk segala macam pekerjaan sekarang hilang ditelan bumi. Dan, oh! Itu juga termasuk semua blog yang saya punya. So, kalau kalian tiba-tiba kangen sama MWWYT dan mau nengok ke sana, kalian ga kaan bisa lagi melihatnya.

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Beberapa minggu yang lalu gwe menulis review tentang sebuah film berjudul “An Education”. Ya, ya, gwe tahu beberapa orang memang sengaja men-skip bagian review-review itu, mungkin karena nggak penting, atau karena ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Atau… Karena reviewnya ditulis dengan bahasa Inggris yang berantakan, jadi bikin males.

Apapun itu lah. Sebenernya film ini nggak terlalu populer, menurut gwe. Hampir tidak ada satupun aktris maupun aktor yang gwe kenal di sana.tentu saja gwe hanya mengenal beberapa selebriti yang terkenal. Kami biasa clubbing bareng di club Paris dengan Paris Hilton Dan sepanjang yang gwe tahu, nggak banyak orang yang membicarakan film ini. Intinya ini bukan film box office deh, lalu kenapa gwe suka film ini?

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Salah seorang teman gwe yang agak-agak idealis, pernah mengatakan bahwa menjadi mahasiswa adalah sebuah kemewahan. Menjadi mahasiswa berarti lo mendapatkan apa yang ada dalam utopia. Satu-satunya masa di mana lo bebas menjadi ideal, karena lo belum dituntunt untuk menjadi profesional. Belum.

Gwe bersyukur temen gwe itu nggak ikut pindah ke kampus laknat ini saat gwe cabut dari “utopia” ke kampus yang lebih bengis dari ibu kota. Kampus yang seharusnya ideal, entah mengapa selain menjadi “pusat pelatihan fundamentalis aliran ‘kanan'” juga menjadi “penjara” buat mahasiswanya. Belum lagi toga wisuda yang agak-agak fashion disaster itu.

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Bybyq! What Were You Thinking?


Yang dulunya baca blog gwe yang lama mungkin udah familiar dengan judul semacam ini. Yak betul sekali, MWWYT adalah kumpulan kisah menyedihkan seorang anak manusia, dan hari ini, berhubung tidak ada MWWYT di sini, gwe hanya bisa mengatakan, “BYQ! What Were You Thinking?”

Saran gwe, untuk bisa lebih mendalami apa yang akan gwe ceritakan dalam entry kali ini, bolehlah mampir-mampir ke link yang saya sudah berikan di atas, karena ini sangat penting dan bermanfaat bagi mahasiswa-mahasiswa lain agar tidak melakukan kesalahan yang sama di kemudian hari.

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Bye Bye Internet Busuk #2


Masih melanjutkan yang kemarin, ngomongin soal modem colok yang masih menjadi primadona. Untung aja gwe pake modem colok yang nggak pake kuota. Karena gwe kemarin lagi euphoria karena setelah sekian lama nggak mendapatkan sambungan internet yang normal, kemarin gwe kalap dan mendownload hampir semua game yang gwe temukan di internet. Hasilnya, dalam semalem gwe menghabiskan setengah giga sendiri. *malu*

Bayangkan kalo gwe mesti bayar perjam, gwe bisa gila download segitu banyak. Pasti gwe akan bangkrut seketika. Tapi setidaknya itulah yang gwe pikirkan sampai tadi sore. Dan sekarang, gwe meminta, siapa pun yang kemarin nyumpahin modem colok gwe, atau berusaha melakukan apapun yang bersifat nge-jinx, untuk segera mengaku.

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Dibilangin Ngeyel!


Paling sebel kalo bilangin seseorang dan dia ngeyel. Mending kalo ngeyelnya beralasan dan dia bisa membuktikan bahwa dia bener, yang terjadi seringnya, malah ngerepotin orang lain karena dia salah. Yang macem begini, biasanya gwe kirim ke neraka, tapi sayang sekali gwe udah nggak percaya surga dan neraka, jadi yah… apa boleh buat.

Sayangnya, yang model-model kaya begini ini selalu ada di sekitar gwe, dan nggak bisa diperbaiki. Ngeyelnya, bener-bener di luar batas kewajaran, bahkan pada saat sudah terbukti bahwa dia yang salah pun, masih tetep keukeuh dengan pendapat awalnya. Mau tahu siapa itu?

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Papa bilang, Bybyq itu adalah orang yang mudah putus asa.

Awalnya sih nggak terima dibilang kaya gitu. Ya iya lah, gwe merasa sebenernya gwe ini adalah sesosok yang tegar dan pantang menyerah. Tapi kejadian pemecundangan beberapa hari yang lalu membuktikan bahwa Papa lah yang benar dan Bybyq yang salah. Dan gwe selalu sebel kalo itu terjadi.

Pundung. Gwe ga tau itu bahasa apa. Kalo bahasa orang Solo, kami menyebutnya mutung.

Artinya… hm… mirip-mirip dengan ‘putus asa’ tapi nggak tepat seperti itu. Pundung atau mutung itu berada di antara ‘ngambek’ dan ‘putus asa’. Dan itu yang dikatakan si Mon tentang gwe beberapa waktu ini. Intinya gwe lagi menolak segala sesuatu yang berbau skripshit skripsi.

Salahkah kalo gwe pundung?

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