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Stupid People Talk About Alcohol Banning… Again


This is why I do not do blog walking lately. Yes it has taken me to great blogs, and introduced me to some great people, but ninety percent of the time, I would end up reading nonsense. Oh well, it is a pay to price for the freedom of speech in the internet…

Apparently one Indonesian blogger is being grumpy that the Governor of Jakarta, Ahok is going to let little supermarket to sell alcohol. She did not say why exactly she was unhappy about it, nobody asked her to buy that bloody alcohol. She could be a teetotaller if she wants but why she would not let other people choose life of their own? Oh, maybe she has completely brainwashed by the totalitarian regime, where she could not have the luxury of freewill.

“Wakil Gubernur DKI Basuki TP” by Goverment of the Province of Jakarta – http://www.jakarta.go.id/english/uploads/files/Basuki_Tjahja_Purnama.jpg. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wakil_Gubernur_DKI_Basuki_TP.jpg#/media/File:Wakil_Gubernur_DKI_Basuki_TP.jpg

I do not know.

Ahok is probably the closest to Jose Mujica, that Indonesia could get. Open minded, people oriented, and has a straight logic that no idiots would understand. When Jose Mujica, the celebrated leader of Uruguay decided to legalise marijuana, people questioned his motives. But he did it anyway, because he could not let his people live in the mercy of the drug dealer. Having marijuana controlled by the government makes it easier for them to limit the usage, and helped those with the addiction.

“Pepemujica2” by Roosewelt Pinheiro/ABr – Agencia Brasil [1]. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 br via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pepemujica2.jpg#/media/File:Pepemujica2.jpg

What about those who do not want to try or use marijuana? They simply do not buy them.

This is what Ahok wants to do with alcohol.

How many times I have said that banning alcohol would only benefit the black market merchants, and alcohol bootlegger. People would buy it anyway, buy they would buy the uncontrolled alcohol products which are potentially dangerous, and the seller would earn without paying tax. How many times we have to explain to these stubborn cretins that regulating is the better way than banning completely?

What makes me feel even more annoyed is that they always justify themselves with religious reasons. Keep telling people that in their religions they are not allowed to drink alcohol. LOL, if they only knew that in Turkey (renowned as an Islamic country, opening up the border for lots of Syrian refugee) you could see alcohol everywhere, just like you could see mosques in every corner of Istanbul. Nobody would force anyone, in the name of religion, to do whatever you do not want to do, to wear what you do not want to wear, OR not to drink what you want to drink.

They have a simple rule: you do whatever necessary for you, god would be the judge in the end of the day.

Or if you want to keep it a little bit more complicated you can follow what the Malaysian do. If you want to buy alcohol, you would have to be able to prove that you are a non-muslim — otherwise you will be persecuted as you are violating a law. Is that not the true concept of sharia law? — that the law itself is only applicable to the people who believes in it? Or is it just an excuse made by a bunch of apologetics liberals who wanted to soften the actual brutality as suspected by many?

Anyway, Malaysia is also an Islamic country, they are just next door in the neighbourhood — maybe it is make it easier for you to compare. They sell booze in the store (but only non Muslim can buy), they sell pork in the street (you don’t even need an ID to buy one), and they have a casino for people who gamble. What they don’t have are a bunch of dickheads who kept blackmailing the government for not enforcing sharia law to people who don’t believe in it, or terrorising the citizen by forcing them to close their business during Ramadan month, OR, threatening people with different beliefs by destroying their church.


The less violence photos I could get….


… as it’s usually looks like this. taken from this article: http://hidupbiasa.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/for-indonesia-without-fpi.html

So much for Pancasila country.


There’s no limit to human stupidity, and I know that. I have been reminded by many of my friends not to underestimate the power of idiots in large number. Fortunately, I am not anywhere near those people right now, so I should raise my glass (with a incredibly tasty irish cream in it), and tell the world…



365 Days of Wedding Proposal


When I found the link on my facebook feed, my reaction was… Aw shit. I felt even worse when my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link to see what the fuss was about. I am not going to torture you and your internet connection by embedding the whole video here, but if you have not yet the fortune to stumble upon this particular video and you would like some, you can click it here.

I am going to just spoil the shit of everything, because I do not think that there was much about the video. But, again, I would give you the chance to just clicked away and watch the video first (if you wish) before you continue reading.



You done?

Here we go. Basically the video is about a man who wanted to propose his lady, Jennifer. One day he decided, that he was going to make a secret proposal to his girlfriend everyday for a year, from her 2014 birthday, to her 2015 birthday. Some of you who have not yet watched the video would say… aaw, that was a sweet gesture. Well… I do not blame you for doing that, after all the title has got a disclaimer that warned you that this video MIGHT make you cry.

I can only make myself watch the first 10 or 12 proposals, then I just skipped the whole year because it was pretty much that. Basically a repetitive question asked again and again, until the last day, on the girl’s birthday, he asked the last question. She basically said yes, because she was probably like that guy enough, and being videoed and all… in public, how could she be a bitch and say no? Shotgun proposal that is.


In the end of the video, I thought I must have been a terrible person for not even a millimetre moved by the video, let alone cry. But the comments restored my faith in humanity… a little. I was not the only one feeling uncomfortable with the video.

Woo hoo…

Personally for me, there are too many things went wrong with the video. Using “Marry You” song in the background killed my patience in the beginning of the video (that was why I skipped and muted it altogether, if I got proposed with that shitty song… well, I would not even date anyone who liked that song to begin with), the annoying “pester power” by asking the same question again and again without actually giving me a reason why I should marry that twat — i mean, if he ask me to marry him 365 times in a year, at least he could give me 365 reasons to do that, and the fact that he did it by surprising her in public.

I hate shotgun proposal.

Putting a girl in the centre of attention, asking her to get married, is HORRIBLE. I tell you.

You are shifting the whole responsibility to her, and what if she did not marry you? Saying no in public and humiliate you will make her a bitch. Saying yes just to save your face and cancel the wedding would make her a bitch. Saying she will think about it will make her a bitch. But actually, you are the irresponsible tw*t who in the name of romance and chivalry thought that your girl is the luckiest girl in the world since you did some effort to propose.

If you think proposing needs efforts, you need to do better in marriage.

There, I said it. I hate that video. I think the 9gaggers proposal video was as bad, but at least it was funny. But of course my favourite was the man who got rejected after buying 99 iphone 6 to propose a woman.



Death Penalty, and Street Vigilante


Few weeks ago a robber/street snatcher who’s been known doing violent crime in one area in Jakarta got caught red handed by people. The angry mob ended up beat him to an inch of his life, and burned him to his death. When this was on the news, other people’s reaction is far from sympathetic. Some regretted the violent vigilantism of the angry mob, but some supported this so called street justice.

This actually reminds me of the entry about death penalty I wrote two days ago. And it makes me wonder: how come lives valued differently in one country and another?

It is as if in Indonesia, many people still believes that some lives are no more valuable than cockroach. Some people are seen as parasite for the society, hence their life means nothing for them. Maybe that’s why the Indonesian’s death penalty is seen quite inhumane by the other society’s standard.

I found it hard to categorise see what has happened in Indonesia in black and white. It is so hard for me to just condemn or support in any way, because there are so many layers in our society that other people, especially those from the first world country would never understand. It is like fire in the peat, you can only see where it starts after you ask a series of question, and investigate.

Why did the robber died? The mob killed him.

Why did the mob killed him? Because they are angry. The street snatchers has injured so many people in the area and endangering more lives if he was allowed to keep doing his crime.

Why did he do his crime? Because he needs money to buy booze and pay the whores.  (I am not speculating here, the robber admitted this himself in his facebook account)

So why didn’t he work? He did not have the skill, and working honestly means more work and less money.

So why didn’t the police do anything? They don’t have enough force, and too many small street thugs to handle.

Is that why the mob took matters in their own hand? Yes and no. They are tired of being scared, and they are angry that the legal justice system haven’t done anything to help.

So is this the police’s fault? So is this the robber’s fault?

So is it okay to kill this young life because he’s been robbing snatching people’s purse in the street?

I believe that many people felt uncomfortable with the fact that the angry mob could do anything in the street and the police force could not do anything about it. What if it happened to me? What if it happened to my family? What if we accidentally bump into someone, and it sparked more anger from different bloodthirsty mob? What kind of society my country has become? Are we going to anarchism as the alternative solution when the establishment can no longer be relied upon?

That’s why more and more people tried to find justification. They roam the internet to find out who the robber actually was (hence his facebook page is now quite popular). They justified that this life is not as worthy as they think it was. The angry mob’s victim has now become the little shit who injure and threaten people, to rob their hard earned money with violence to get completely drunk and screw whores. They tried to find justification that this person is not the same with us.

I think that’s how death penalty is still implemented in this country. They found justification that drug smuggles has taken so many lives in Indonesia, hence these people is no more than a bunch of parasitical creature who suck money and bring death to their young generations. They separate themselves and decided not to see the human side in the criminals.

There is nothing we can do now about the justice system in Indonesia. It satisfies the Indonesian citizen so no matter how many signs gathered for a petition would changed the mind of the lawmaker. But there is more to think about: how to channel the anger? How to stop the crime? How to build a society that helps, and not punish?

Maybe that’s your job to work that out.

Bali Nine, and The World’s Double Standards


Almost 10 years ago, nine Australian citizens were caught trying to smuggle more than eight kilograms of heroin to Indonesia. They were convicted and two of them were given death sentences. They’ve been in the death row for years and their execution is getting closer. The Australian government plead the Indonesian judicial system to give them leeway, but the Indonesian government wouldn’t budge.

As the result, after begging and threatening did not work, Australian government were enraged and started a black campaign to bully the Indonesian government. The ‘western’ media started to describe Indonesia as a ‘tourist trap’ where ‘foreigners’ would be treated really badly, and even sent to Nusa Kambangan to be executed.

All the dramatic depiction to put pressure to Indonesian government to cancel the death penalty.

But, don’t you think this is a kind of unfair? I am not saying that death penalty for drug smuggling is fair, but those criminals have acknowledge that when they were planning on smuggling drugs to Indonesia. Everyone would be reminded about the severe heavy capital punishment for drug smuggling when they’re arriving to Indonesia in the aircraft. We are seriously twitchy about drugs.

So, if they’re coming to Indonesia knowing that they’re risking their life for smuggling drugs, why does it become so much problem when they actually get caught and punished based on the law where they did their crime? It is said that if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Now they’re saying that the Indonesian law system is savage and backwards because they’re punishing drug smuggler with death penalty. Don’t you think it is fair to judge like that?

What would the Australians feel if the media depicts their border security law as xenophobic and paranoid when they refused to help people smuggling illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who are coming with half broken boat? What would the French feel if the media depict their no burqa law as violating human rights, and backwards because it does not respect other people’s religion? What would the Americans feel if their anti terrorism or terrorist prevention law is described as racist, paranoid etc.?

They would end up say: “fuck that. If you don’t like the law in my country, don’t even set foot in our land”.

Wouldn’t you?

You would be so upset if a law that you believe is protecting you is attacked by other countries, although you know this law is not perfect. But every country has different problems of their own. Indonesia is located strategically between Australia and Asia, and between Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. If they’re not careful, it will be so easily turned into a drug route that connects Asia, Australia and Africa. Look at the world map, and see how Indonesian water connects them.

So they might be paranoid about drugs, but it’s not more paranoid that big countries like America is paranoid about terrorism. They might be strict about drug abuse, but it’s not stricter than UK about asylum seeker. They might be suspicious about drugs, but not more suspicious than the Australian about boats with dying people on it.

If it is so important for ‘the west’ to maintain their sovereignty with implementing the law they feel suitable as protection, I believe Indonesian government has the same right to do that as well. If you don’t want to end up in the death row in Indonesia, just don’t smuggle drugs or kill people in Indonesia. Same with, if you don’t want to get stoned, or your hand chopped, don’t go having rampant sex with someone that is not your spouse, or steal someone else’s bread where Sharia law is implemented.

And the other way around, if you want to smuggle drugs but you don’t want to get a death sentence, find other countries. Not Malaysia though, they have similar capital punishment (but no one talks about it because no Australian is getting executed in Malaysia). And if you like chopping thieves’ hands, don’t go to countries where the law said chopping hands is prohibited.

Isn’t that fair for everybody?

Yes, I believe so.